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Partner for the parent company


JUNKER Industrial Equipment is a 100% subsidiary of OTTO JUNKER Group headquartered in immerath, Germany. Boasting international operations in the Czech Republic, the Middle East and China, the Group is specialized in the development, manufacturing and worldwide marketing of metallurgical furnace equipment, particularly induction melting furnaces for iron, steel, copper, aluminium, magnesium, silicon and zinc, and thermo-processing systems for rolling mills, extrusion plants as well as foundry and forging plants.

In addition, the company’s high-grade steel foundry produces high-alloy sand castings from iron, nickel and cobalt-based materials for special mechanical engineering applications. OTTO JUNKER was established in 1924 and since the death in 1982 of its founder has been owned by the OTTO JUNKER Foundation, an institution set up in 1970 with the primary aim of supporting young engineers.

JUNKER Industrial Equipment in the Czech Republic focuses on the design, production and assembly of steel structures and electrical equipment for the Group’s melting furnaces and thermo-processing plants. “Our product range is based primarily on the product portfolio of our parent company,” says Managing Director Antonín Kužel. “All products are custom-engineered solutions designed to meet individual customer requirements.”

JUNKER Industrial Equipment was set up by OTTO JUNKER in 1995. The company developed rapidly until 2000 when it started a new workshop for the processing of castings used in incineration plants. In 2006, the Czech subsidiary constructed a new production hall and office building in Boskovice providing 12,000 m2 of manufacturing and administrative space.

“Before, we had a second production site in Prerov,” explains Mr. Kužel. “The new plant enabled us to concentrate all manufacturing activities in one place.” In 2010, Antonín Kužel was appointed as new managing director to restructure the company after the economic crisis.

“It was a hard time,” states Mr. Kužel. “We had to reduce the number of employees from 200 to 80. But at the same time productivity grew by 100%. Today, we are up to a total workforce of 120 again and annual revenues of twelve million EUR.”

Since 2010, OTTO JUNKER has invested huge sums in its Czech subsidiary to enhance its competitiveness. In addition, the parent company has enlarged ist portfolio of activities. “In the past, we had primarily been a low-cost manufacturing base,” Mr. Kužel describes the major change.

“Today, we cover the entire value chain, from construction, mechanical assembly and electrical installation to manufacturing, repair and maintenance services as well as logistics. We are now a fully-fledged partner of our German parent company that uses 3D-CAD software in construction, manages product development and research projects in cooperation with local technical universities and is responsible for all sales activities in the Czech Republic on behalf of the entire group.”

JUNKER Industrial Equipment also has its own staff training unit, which is called 3S (Service Software Supervisor), and even organizes major conferences: in 2013, the company hosted a meeting of the German Association for Material Sciences DGM in Boskovice. The goal of JUNKER Industrial quipment is to continue growing.

“We shall invest 1.6 million EUR in new buildings and technology this year and want to double sales and grow the number of employees to 200 by 2020,” concludes Mr. Kužel.

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