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Interview with Daniela Gustavsson, Head of Marketing at Jura Sweden AB

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It is a very special combination – Swiss quality and Scandinavian lifestyle – and it is perfectly represented by Jura Sweden. Jura has become a legendary brand all around the world; a brand synonymous with high-quality coffee machines for private and professional use. Jura’s premium automatic speciality coffee machines come in a broad variety, stand out in terms of design and function, are easy and intuitive to use, and guarantee perfect coffee results.

The company behind the award-winning products is Jura Elektroapparate AG. Founded in 1931, the traditional Swiss brand has become a pioneer in the field of automatic espresso and coffee machines and a widely acclaimed global player. The Swedish subsidiary was founded in 2010, has 17 employees and is growing continually.

70% of products are machines for private households, however, machines for professional use are catching up at rapid pace. Jura machines are loved because they ensure the freshest coffee. Every machine comes with a grinder so each single cup of coffee is freshly brewed.

Jura coffee machines are second to none. They always come with a grinder and ensure the freshest coffee. Daniela GustavssonHead of Marketing
Daniela Gustavsson, Head of Marketing at Jura Sweden AB

“Our coffee beans are from Brazil or Columbia and roasted in our own roastery,” stresses Daniela Gustavsson, Head of Marketing. “Another important trademark is the pure and clean design of our machines. Material such as aluminum and carbon is well-chosen and of uncompromising quality. Our Swiss parent company puts great emphasis on selected distribution. We all share the same vision; we are all passionate coffee lovers and strive to further strengthen Jura’s international market position.”

Special offers, social media activities, advertisements in lifestyle magazines, partnerships with influencers and a long-term cooperation with Swiss tennis champion Roger Federer are the cornerstones of the company’s marketing activities. In German-speaking countries as well as the Netherlands, France and Poland, Jura has gained an excellent reputation. “Jura simply stands out from competitors as it does not imitate but innovates,” stresses Mrs. Gustavsson. “Consumers know what they can expect from Jura – quality made in Switzerland, stunning design and exceptional coffee moments.”

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