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Invest in the future


The financial crisis has left its mark on a banking sector which has had to work hard to regain the confidence of investors. Jyske Bank is the only Swiss bank not to pay its employees an annual bonus, relying instead on a long-term reward scheme. This sets it apart from many others in the banking world who have attracted criticism for the handsome bonuses paid for what has been perceived as failure.

“The financial crisis has affected us in much the same way as it has the entire industry,” says Managing Director Tim Marschall. “However, the situation has improved greatly, and we can report much greater stability. Jyske Bank is one of the smaller retail banks operating in Switzerland and focuses on a client base comprising wealthy private individuals. It offers financial consulting and investment products designed to maximise the wealth of its clients. Wealth management makes up Jyske Bank’s core business.

“We offer a complete service to clients with complex finances,” says Mr. Marschall. “We look at a client’s assets and what they want to achieve financially and take that as the starting point for an investment plan.” Part of that plan involves deciding what level of risk for what level of return the client is prepared to accept. The bank’s financial advisors have the expertise to offer clients sound investment advice and high performing products. They perform risk analysis assessments for each customer regardless of the type of investment, be it property, bonds or equities, and independent of location.

The bank specialises in international investment products that help to spread exposure. The financial markets and investment tools are highly complex tools, and just because someone has money, it does not automatically mean that they know the best way to invest it.

“Our international wealth management advisors can point out new opportunities and new potential while giving clients an overview of their total wealth including a 360° perspective of their assets and liabilities,” explains Mr. Marschall. “We can then tailor a wealth plan specifically to their needs, involving internal or external specialists as required.”

Once an investment profile has been worked out, some investors like to take the reins in their own hands and make their own investment decisions. Jyske Bank facilitates this with its Investment Partner service. It provides investors with a sparring partner who comes up with the investment ideas while leaving the final decision to the client. The problem for many people concerned about making their money work harder for them is that they lack the time needed to take full advantage of all the investment opportunities available.

Jyske Bank offers a Global Discretionary Portfolio Management service that monitors and manages the investment portfolio on behalf of the client. “This service is designed for investors who do not have the time, the opportunity or sufficient knowledge to manage investments on their own,” says Mr. Marschall. “We can also offer our clients advice regarding their tax liabilities, thus providing a complete service.”

The business is by nature multinational,and Jyske Bank serves a largely international client base. It stresses the importance of long-term partnerships with both employees and customers. The Danish bank is also represented in France, Gibraltar, Germany and the netherlands. It is targeting continued growth, both organic and through acquisitions.

“We benefit from having a Danish parent with a positive international image,” says Mr. Marschall. “We also have very flat hierarchies and an open management style that encourages communication.” This is very important in an industry where information is vital to success. Jyske Bank employs 52 people in Switzerland and around 3,900 in the group.

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