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Well-advised facility furnishings


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KAISER+KRAFT is an outfitter for offices, workshops, warehouses and other facilities, providing office furnishing, equipment, storage and archive solutions, and much more. “There’s nothing we can’t offer in terms of clean room solutions, either,” says Managing Director Hans-Peter Helminger, who had previously worked as Sales Manager.

As both a producer and a dealer, KAISER+KRAFT has close market contact and knows what customers need to make their businesses run more smoothly. In addition to products, KAISER+KRAFT offers a comprehensive service that is hard to beat.

The price includes delivery to the installation site, packaging, maintenance, 30-day returns, free pickups and exchanges, collection of old fittings and furnishings, and a three-year warranty. “It’s one year longer than the EU requirement,” Mr. Helminger notes. “We even offer a ten-year warranty on our private label brands.”

The company’s service offering is what distinguishes it from the competition. “We approach customers individually,” the Managing Director explains. “We advise them and provide customized solutions as needed. They all have their core competences, and we support them with our expertise when they’re in unfamiliar territory.”

The company has its origins in producing industry, where it is still highly involved; however, today, it is also well established in the public sector: schools, the state, the military, defense, parliament, the automotive industry, architects and volunteer fire departments.

“What I find exciting about our business model is that we work with all different companies,” Mr. Helminger says. “We’re independent of any one sector. One day you have an inquiry from a small company, the next from a major corporation. There are no limits. Every day brings us new customers and new challenges. It makes working here so flexible and varied.”

The environment presents a new challenge for the company. Chemical companies count on KAISER+KRAFT to provide solutions for storing hazardous materials and waste. “We advise customers on the right solutions for their needs, and we know the country-specific laws regarding chemicals and the environment,” Mr. Helminger says. “We’re also working to advise and inform customers better with our online solutions.”

I would like to see more of our business processes become digitalized. That way we can create space and position new, innovative product solutions on the market. Hans-Peter HelmingerManaging Director
Hans-Peter Helminger

KAISER+KRAFT led its sector as one of the first companies to issue a sustainability report starting in 2012. For the past two years, its deliveries have been CO2 neutral thanks to its reforestation efforts. “No one else in the sector does that,” the Managing Director notes. “We renovated our offices to include sustainable lighting and optimized air-conditioning. We’ve been working with these topics for years. It’s only been within the last year or so that our customers have realized what we’re doing. They don’t have the same awareness for it that we do. In the coming years, we’ll become even more active here.”

For 35 years now, KAISER+KRAFT has been located in Austria as a member of the KK Group Europe. From there, it spread its contacts to Croatia and Slovenia. KAISER+KRAFT started as a B2B mail-order business with a print catalogue.

The B2C business first picked up recently with the company’s entry into the online market; however, its clear focus remains on the B2B segment. “In Austria, we support major industrial clients. We’ve been working with them for years,” Mr. Helminger says.

The company is in the midst of digitalization. “Due to our market leadership in the EU, we’ve been at it for several years now,” the Managing Director notes. “We’re now optimizing and digitizing our internal processes as well as those with customers and suppliers. Order supervision and invoice control are much faster and less cumbersome.”

KAISER+KRAFT has the means and the capacity to take digitalization further, which is on its agenda for the coming years. “I would like to see more of our business processes become digitalized,” Mr. Helminger continues. “That way we can create space and position new, innovative product solutions on the market. The resources we release because of higher efficiency thanks to digitalization should flow into those innovations.”

In addition, the southeast region will continue growing in the next five to ten years. How active KAISER+KRAFT will be in the countries in this region depends on their own development and on their membership in the EU.

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