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Smart heat


Kampmann is a leading, internationally operating supplier of heating, cooling and ventilation systems and building automation solutions. The family enterprise specializes in professional applications for hotels, office buildings, and other commercial and industrial users.

The company was established by Heinrich Kampmann in his own garage in 1972. Since then, the company has expanded at a constant rate and grown into a global player in the HVAC market.

“After German reunification, we set up a second production plant in Saxony-Anhalt,” explains Marketing & Communications Director Jan Matthes. “And in 2006, we opened another manufacturing site in Poland.”

Kampmann is headquartered in Lingen in Lower Saxony, where the company also manufactures the great majority of its products. The plant in Gräfenhainichen in Saxony-Anhalt focuses on entrance matting, while the Polish operation in Łęczyca produces semi-finished and finished articles for heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

Kampmann has its own sales subsidiary in Shepperton in the UK which is responsible for all English-speaking countries including the UK, Ireland, Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. The company also has sales subsidiaries in Moscow, Beijing and Italy and also works with partners and distributors in export markets.

Kampmann has 720 employees and annual revenues of 80 million EUR. The company’s product portfolio covers all professional heating, cooling and ventilation applications and includes ventilation systems with integrated heat recovery (Hybrid ECO), trench heating and cooling units and appropriate design grilles, high-performance heaters, door air curtains, unit heaters, radiant ceiling panels, fan coils, water and air-cooled chillers, centralized and decentralized air handling units, special heating solutions for church buildings, entrance matting and special equestrian care systems such as air dryers and solariums.

The comprehensive product range is rounded off by the company’s own building management system, KaControl. Until recently, Kampmann had not been involved in installation operations.

“We have started offering installation services due to a growing lack of qualified staff in this area in Germany,” states Mr. Matthes. “This will be one of our development axes.”

Kampmann systems are used in hotels, office buildings, retail spaces, logistics operations, industrial buildings, sports facilities, schools, churches and many other commercial and public buildings.

“We have a broad range of standard products which are adapted by us to the specific needs of our customers,” says Mr. Matthes. “We see ourselves as a manufacturer of variable solutions which we put together, combining different product modules.”

The customers of Kampmann are construction and building services firms as well as specialized architects and engineering offices. Kampmann’s strengths are its very broad product spectrum and its top-class quality. Since 2008, the company has had its own research and development center.

“We are one of the technology leaders in the heating, cooling and ventilation market,” states Mr. Matthes. “Our systems are not only very efficient and reliable. They are also exceptionally low-noise.”

Kampmann is especially strong in trench heating and cooling systems, which include high-performance, low-energy convectors for a perfect room climate. Kampmann is benefiting from the development towards more and more energy-efficient heating and cooling systems.

“Especially in well-insulated buildings, the problem is not the lack of heat but the demand for efficient cooling,” states Mr. Matthes. “We design made-to-measure solutions for these applications such as bidirectional ventilation systems with integrated heat recovery that save a lot of energy.”

Another example for the contribution of advanced HVAC systems to saving energy is the hotel sector. “In the past a hotel had to heat all rooms, regardless of occupancy,” explains Mr. Matthes. “Today it can adapt room temperature individually by linking the heating system with its booking software. This way, a room can be warmed up when the guest is checking in.” Kampmann generates 30% of its sales through international activities. “We want to further develop our export business,”

Mr. Matthes describes one growth direction for the German HVAC leader. “In the home market, we plan to further grow our installation services. Last but not least, we will account for changing purchasing behaviour by strengthening our e-commerce activities.”

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