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Estate brokers you can trust


“At present, around 95% of our business falls to Germany,” he explains. “Mostly, our objects outside of Germany are in Austria and Switzerland. But already, around 20% of our investors come from abroad, particularly from the Arabic countries and from Russia. We believe that there is much more potential for us. In order to enhance our international contact network we are going to participate in an investor’s trade fair in Beijing, to get in touch with Asian investors. We are already talking to potential investors in Turkey and Greece, too. We believe in direct contact to our investors in order to find the best solution for them and also between our brokers. Either we bring them together or we arrange conference calls to give them full information about the respective objects.”

At present, the portfolio of Kamps und Partner boasts more than 250 objects. Of these, 150 are commercial objects and 90 residential ones. Every object is worthy seven to ten million EUR.

The company cooperates with over 800 investors. Kamps und Partner was founded in 1969 by Hans-Willi Kamps. While in the beginning, the young company concentrated on local properties the business continuously expanded and since the 1980s, the company has been active nationwide and abroad.

In addition to its head office in Aachen, the company also operates subsidiaries in Mainz and Bonn. Besides brokering investment properties, the company also acts as a broker of proprietary capital, of capital stock and mezzanine capital.

The foundation of Investorfinder.de in 2011, a community platform for brokers was a major enhancement in the development of the Kamps und Partner business and is now being used as the company’s core technology platform.

“Investorfinder uses a unique matching system that connects investors to suitable objects,” explains Mr. Kamps who is the owner of this platform. “It is an enormous competitive advantage for us and makes us much more efficient than other offerers. Thanks to our excellent network we have power comparable to the big names of the industry. Last year, we hired three new employees and I am positive that we are on success course for the coming years. At present, we are working on ten to 15 transactions which will be concluded soon. The market is very strong at the moment, not the least due to the low interest rates but also to the increasing demand from abroad. Especially, the residential, the retail and the logistic sector are booming. But at the end of the day, our primary goal will always be customer satisfaction. This is what our name stands for.”

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