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From flexible workspaces to stunning cityscapes


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“Working methods have changed,” explains Managing Partner Frédéric Miquel. “People are no longer bound to their own desk. They work in teams in a variety of locations. Often, people work from home. This means information, generated both internally and by external partners, has to be accessible from many different places. There are also far higher demands relating to the overall working environment. We are responding to this change and design workspaces to enable a more efficient working environment and a better work-life balance.”

Nevertheless, Groupe Kardham also has a much broader remit. “We view our projects in the overall context of the city and the cityscape. The various districts are structured differently, and we provide appropriate solutions for all of them,” adds Mr. Miquel.

Groupe Kardham undertakes around 700 projects every year. The firm has three service pillars: Kardham Consulting, Kardham C&H Architecture and Kardham Design and Build.

“We can undertake a project end to end, avoiding the need for many different parties to be involved, which often creates confusion,” stresses Mr. Miquel. “Our focus is on the internal activities, including energy and sustainability considerations which, on a new-build project, are easy to incorporate, but on renovation work - often old, listed buildings are more challenging.”

We view our projects in the overall context of the city and the cityscape. Frédéric MiquelManaging Partner

Although Groupe Kardham does undertake work for the public sector, its clients are primarily private companies, including many CAD 40-listed organizations and international concerns which have a presence in France. This had led to a significant export market, and accordingly, alongside its eight French offices, the firm has set up branches in Brussels, Casablanca, Rabat and Madrid, and is extending its services to the UK, Germany and Italy with partnerships such as RBSGROUP, a major German and European partner.

Digitalization has transformed work practices in recent years, and Groupe Kardham is no exception. The firm uses BIM technology to support its design and construction process. Kardham has also created a digital services platform Kardham Connect, that provides a full set of services to users.

“Our platform dedicated to workplace and well-being can be used, for example, to book meeting rooms, to control parking spaces, integrate concierge service, undertake translations,” explains Mr. Miquel.  “In the long term, we believe the two technologies will connect and leverage the internet of things to optimize the use of a building, for example analyzing solutions for floors which are less well used than others or meeting rooms which are too small.”

We design workspaces to enable a more efficient working environment and a better work-life balance. Frédéric MiquelManaging Partner

Groupe Kardham's ability to provide an end-to-end service and its focus on workspace planning makes it relatively unique, and the firm is one of the market leaders in its field. Mr. Miquel has worked for the practice for ten years.

“My motivation, and that of the whole team, is to make living spaces more attractive and flexible,” he says. “This applies not just to an office or home, but to the whole cityscape. We are really able to influence society. This is the ideology not only of Groupe Kardham, but of our entire industry.”