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Hitting the sweet spot


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That a drink can convey such pleasure with so little effort amounts almost to heresy in these days of painstakingly crafted, barrista-poured coffee. By contrast, KAV America Europe’s instant chai drinks are made in seconds but guarantee lasting refreshment.

Milky, sweet and spicy, there is an immediate sense of relaxation at the first sip of its classic East Indian Spice Chai Latte that doubtless persuaded the jury at the International Taste Institute in Brussels to single it out for particular praise. “We are very proud to receive this award,” says General Director Lars Bogs. “It is yet further confirmation that our products hit the sweet spot.”

Anyone who would like to get to know KAV America Europe’s chai products and the people behind them is welcome to visit the company’s stand at the upcoming Anuga trade fair for the food and beverage industry in Cologne at the beginning of October. In addition to its award-winning East Indian Spice Chai Latte, the company will be presenting other chai products from a range that includes flavours such as Tahitian Vanilla, Rooibos, Rich Spice, Green Tea and Organic Spice.

Lars Bogs
We are actively looking to recruit new agents and distributors and are looking to making some useful contacts at the Anuga. Lars BogsGeneral Director

“We also make instant cocoa drinks, iced coffee and smoothies, but chai drinks seem to have really hit the zeitgeist at the moment,” notes Mr. Bogs. “Issues of sustainability and organic production are on-trend boxes that we also tick.”

At present, all of the company’s products are imported from America. This is a hang-over from the company’s origins but may change in the future. “At the moment, it is more cost-effective to produce in America,” confirms Mr. Bogs. “However, we are currently targeting significant expansion in the European market so that as sales volumes rise, we may consider setting up a production unit here.”

The company’s instant drinks have long been a hit in its native Denmark, but it is now looking to expand into high-potential markets such as Germany, Italy and France. Its presence at this year’s Anuga is as much about finding new distributors in these markets as it is about raising brand awareness.

“We are actively looking to recruit new agents and distributors and are looking forward to making some useful contacts at this year’s Anuga,” says Mr. Bogs. “We also have some exciting product developments in the pipeline.”

Amongst them are a new matcha chai flavour and vegan cocoa. New packaging forms are also important for the future such as stick sachets for the hospitality sector and other single cup packaging options that meet the current zeitgeist.