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Design on the high-heels of success


In the countries where the brand is currently present, the name Kazar is synonymous with cutting edge fashion targeted at both male and female customers for whom unique and coordinated clothes and accessories are a defining factor, conveying a certain status and lifestyle.

Kazar works with leading stylists, designers and trendsetters to create its prestigious collections. “Our shoes and bags are coveted by professional people in their 30ss,” says International Expansion Manager Sebastian Lenard. “They are independent in terms of personal finance and lifestyle. Their social status gives them the freedom to enjoy life, including the financial means to acquire high-quality goods. They follow trends and pay attention to fashion and their overall personal appearance. For them, Kazar means luxury goods and attractive prices.”

The company launches two new collections every year, spring-summer and autumn-winter editions, in three style lines: Fashion, Smart casual and Classic. The focus on unique designs reflecting current trends combined with top-quality materials, precise finishing and stringent quality control is what makes Kazar stand out in the market.

The company uses only the finest leather and textiles and top-quality production techniques, such as stitched rather than glued handles and double stitching for bag linings. Kazar’s success is, to a large extent, attributable not only to its product range, but its focus on market positioning and branding.

From its beginnings in the 1990s when goods were sold in Polish multibrand stores, the company has dedicated itself to creating a clear, definable and distinct brand identity. The first Kazar store opened in Katowice in 1996, with its modern and unique ambiance generating huge interest.

Its branding was further enhanced by the first store in Warsaw in the Galeria Mokotów, a large shopping center which housed only the most high-class and respected brands. Today there are 53 stores in Poland, which, for the upper price fashion segment, is a huge achievement.

Despite this, the specific target customer group means that the market in Poland is limited, and in 2013 Kazar took its first step into the foreign market, opening a store in Bucharest, Romania. The opening of stores in the Middle East in 2015 was a very insightful and successful move for Kazar.

Although already saturated with luxury goods for wealthy and discerning clients across the region, the fact that customers there expect the highest quality and service standards has helped Kazar position itself among the top brands. Its reputation as an innovator representing global trends while offering top-quality goods at affordable prices – very rare in this region – has enabled the company to develop into a strong and recognizable brand.

“The United Arab Emirates has really opened up our market,” explains Mr. Lenard. “We have become a brand of choice not only for the local customers but also the expatriate residents from Western Europe and the US, who buy in the UAE and showcase our goods in their native countries.”

Currently Kazar has stores in Abu Dhabi and Dubai with plans for further shops in Dubai, Qatar and Bahrain, as well as expansion within Europe. In 2015 stores were opened in Riga and Budapest, followed by another high street location with a high-end in 2016, and the company now has an eye on opportunities in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the UK and Germany.

Foreign stores are operated on a franchise basis, with each franchisee being carefully selected and trained to ensure the brand’s character is consistent, albeit tailored to local markets. Kazar further enhances its reputation by working in partnership with prestigious brands and top models and celebrities to profile and promote its footwear and accessories.

Kazar regularly partners with top Polish designers and others at annual Fashion Weeks, for example in New York and Paris. Aside from its reputation as a trendsetter, the shopping experience is also vital for Kazar’s customers, and stores convey a sense of luxury and exclusivity. In the digital age, however, Kazar recognizes that this is not enough.

“We have developed our new omni-channel model where customers have in-store and online purchasing options including click and collect, collection or home delivery alternatives and various methods for returning goods,” explains Mr. Lenard. “Omnichannel commerce boosts customer commitment and loyalty. We also plan to expand our online sales, offering wider and easier access to the brand. This will form a sound platform for our future international expansion.”

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