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Change is good


“Transformation is a process that must be all-encompassing for it to be effective,” says Director and Partner Hugues Ménard. “Some consultancy companies manage change based on either a cold strategy relating to the company’s objectives or a hot strategy based on the desires of the people involved in the company. We combine the two in a holistic approach that makes change more manageable, more acceptable and more likely to succeed.”

Change has to have a purpose beyond simply shaking up the status quo and this is where Kea&Partners excels. “We define the goals that the client wants to achieve and take these as the starting point,” adds Mr. Ménard. “We offer innovative approaches that cover all aspects of a client’s business to implement effective strategies that will achieve a reduction in costs, boost efficiency or introduce new working practices.”

Having started in 2001 with five partners, Kea&Partners has grown strongly over the last decade and now has 120 consultants and a back office team numbering 15 employees. From the beginning, the firm has earned a fifth of its revenues from international and cross-border projects.

In 2010 it initiated "The Transformation Alliance", an international alliance of independent consultancy firms together with Preera (Sweden), h&z (Germany), MBS Consulting (Italy) and Boxwood (UK) all of whom share the same values and vision. Its workforce is made up of twelve different nationalities and it has completed projects in 23 countries. Other European firms are expected to join the alliance in the future.

In addition to its headquarters in Malakoff, Kea&Partners also has offices in Brazil and Morocco all of which are headed up by former employees at the French headquarters.

“We have a global vision and aspire to a global presence,” says Mr. Ménard. “Both are vital qualities in our business in a globalised age where a company’s activities are no longer limited by national borders.”

Kea&Partners works for major corporations and blue chip companies, the majority of whom have complex, global organisations. Its client list of more than 300 companies covers a wide range of industry sectors.

“We have designed an effective range of tools and methodologies that can be applied to all situations to manage change while overcoming the challenges presented by the issues of complexity, timing and the human factor,” says Mr. Ménard. “Change is not always welcome but it is usually necessary. Our role is to bridge that gap, take the fear out of change and allow an organisation to move forward in a better way than before.”

Kea&Partners own future will be influenced by ongoing international expansion with the focus on South America and Asia and a continued emphasis on adding value for customers.

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