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A partner in mouldings


Kellpla is a partner for businesses seeking production solutions. It offers a wide range of technical injection moulding products for several production industries, including telecommunications, office automation, electronics, construction, and the medical and agricultural sectors.

“We take care of everything for our clients – from designing tools to packaging finished products,” explains Kim Frencken-Kelleners, Owner and Director of Kellpla Group, with locations in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. “We even outsource assembly and coating procedures when necessary. Our clients can count on us to take care of every step of the process.”

The company also began outsourcing 3D printing processes a couple of years ago, which is very popular at the moment and is considered to be an added service for its clients. The group’s employees specialize in recommending the appropriate materials to use for a given project.

With over 60 years of experience, Kellpla is extremely knowledgeable in technical plastics. It takes on complex projects that require extreme attention to detail as well as expertise in creating customized production lines.

The company has the ability to advise customers on how to cut production costs as well as guide them through every stage of the process. Kellpla stands out from its competitors because of its high-quality moulds, products and outstanding customer care.

This family-owned company believes in tradition as well as modern efficiency, which is seen through its design processes and final products. In the future, Kellpla plans on unveiling several new products that are more service-driven than previous ones.

It also plans on implementing a new part of the ERP system, which will allow customers to log in and integrate their systems with Kellpla’s system. It is also working on a new MES system. “With this new system, we will be able to monitor moulding machines and production lines in great detail,” says Ms. Frencken-Kelleners. “It will track quality aspects and determine how much time a project requires until completion.”

Introducing updated systems while staying loyal to customers will allow the company to grow alongside its meaningful partnerships.

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