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Specialists in sales consulting


The company was founded about six years ago by an experienced group of organizational and development managers. “One of the highlights in our young entrepreneurial history was the receipt of an award as second-best workplace in Sweden in 2013,” states William Moulod, managing director of the HQ at Key Solutions, who has been with the company since the beginning. “In 2011, we were named best sales agency in Sweden.”

At the present time, Key Solutions employs a team of 75 full-time and several part-time members of staff at its six offices throughout Sweden and was singled out as the third-best workplace in Europe.

“Our core competence is found in sales consulting,” states the managing director. “If a customer wants to establish a sales department, they approach us. We cooperate with some of the largest clients in the domestic market and support them in enhancing their sales operations, expand their markets and promote their portfolio of products and services.”

By means of these broad-based solutions, Key Solutions has gained a great reputation in the Swedish market. “We often work for clients in the telecommunications sector, as well as small and medium-sized companies,” says Mr. Moulod. “In terms of marketing, we make use of various channels. Examples are participation in job recruiting events, social media platforms such as Facebook or sponsored ‘Young Companies’ projects in schools. We are always eager to promote our brand in the market and increase awareness of our services.”

Key Solutions explains its success in the Swedish market with its long-term staff investments. “Sales companies rely heavily on capable employees,” explains the managing director. “Therefore, we support their development, their career and their education.”

Due to an ever-changing market environment, many large companies are in need of serious business relations. Key Solutions strives to offer added value and continues to expand its operating distance.

“We’re planning to establish a new office in Norway in 2015,” states Mr. Moulod. “Furthermore, there are plans for moving into new markets in Europe. Concerning this matter, countries such as Germany, Denmark or Spain provide great potential for our solutions. We are working hard every day to get extra benefits for our customers.”

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