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A site worth banking on


Keytrade Bank is involved in online trading and investment on the stock market. It offers a wide selection of products for investments, from the simple fund for beginners to trading for experts. “We have more than 18 stock exchange centers,” says Olivier Debehogne, sales and marketing director as well as a member of the executive board. “We guarantee the best execution and provide a series of tools to aid clients in making the right decision.”

The tools he mentions are apps that support customers in their investments. One is a stock analysis tool “Global Analyzer”. This tool screens 10,000 stocks on all markets and makes recommendations to buy, sell or hold. Experienced traders have access to an analysis module for their individual transactions, and there is an idea center for beginners and features daily updates on 200 stocks with conservative investment behavior and investment topics.

“These tools are for unique, global, smart investing whenever and where you want,” Mr. Debehogne explains. “They are innovative – a great development – and users have rated them very highly in surveys.” Daily banking and everyday operations are also part of the portfolio. That includes the package Keypack, the banking service that pays the customer with a free account, and the credit card is free when the customer makes at least twelve transactions with it a year. Customers even receive 1% interest on their checking accounts, and the bank rewards each transaction with a credit of 0.05 EUR.

Each of these solutions is available as an app for iPhone, iPad, Android and other operating systems. “Our message is that we want to encourage customers to take the management of their finances into their own hands,” Mr. Debehogne describes the bank’s concept. “The better they use our bank, the more we reward them for it.” Unlike many other investment businesses, Keytrade Bank charges neither custody nor management fees.

It offers favourable rates that are not a percentage of the sum invested but rather a declining fixed price. “These strengths make us the leader in Belgium and a challenger in other countries,” Mr. Debehogne notes. Keytrade Bank was established in 1998 as the first online stock exchange rder website for private customers. It has belonged to Credit Agricole since 2005. The bank has more than seven billion EUR in assets. Its 140 employees serve 175,000 customers – a number that has doubled in the last five years – in Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Keytrade Bank was named Belgium’s best online stock trading website in 2009 and Bank of the Year in 2010 by the magazines “Trends/Tendances” and “Moneytalk.” These awards, as well as high levels of customer satisfaction, are bound to keep Keytrade Bank investing well into the future.

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