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Allenort is a group of out-patient departments in Poland that stands out due to its concept and philosophy. It was founded by three doctors who first focused on private cardiac clinics and hospitals. “Our success in psychiatry is based on our experience in cardiology,” sums up COO Dr. Lukasz Goryszewski. “We successfully ran eleven cardiac clinics. Now, five ambulatory clinics in Warsaw intend to build up a chain. A new clinic in Lodz is going to open soon and a seventh ambulatory is planned in Bialystok. All out-patient departments have the same vision: Taking complex care of adult and child psychology and psychotherapy.”

Allenort is also the first clinic to open a completely private hospital for mental diseases. And the only one. All kind of psychological problems are treated by 300 specialist psychiatrists and psychotherapists – “excellent medical staff,” as Founder and CEO Dr. Grzegorz Goryszewski stresses.

“Treatment and intervention are always complementary. If a person is in a crisis, he or she is sent to us and is fully supported by medical specialists. Unfortunately, hospitals are often recognized as the last institution to help. We do not see it this way. Hospitalization is just part of the process, and not the last one. We are doing our best to get patients back to normal life as soon as possible. We are the first element, not the last one of the therapy. Therefore, we strive to offer a comfortable and intimate atmosphere, an environment where patients feel safe, knowing they get the best and most effective support for their illness.”

Dr. Grzegorz Goryszewski
Hospitalization is just part of the process; not the last one. Our patients are fully supported by excellent medical staff ; we are always there to help them get back to normal life.” Dr. Grzegorz GoryszewskiFounder and CEO

Unlike public hospitals, Allenort strives for a short stay. Out-patient departments ensure the best treatment to allow patients to get back to normal life as soon as possible – not an easy task. “Sometimes, you do not know the cause of an illness,” says Dr. Lukasz Goryszewski. “Therefore, we need to run many tests, we include dieticians, physicians and work with computer tomography and brain scans in our diagnostic process. Only if we know the cause of an illness, we can successfully treat a patient. When there are acute symptoms, we do everything we can; we do not leave patients on their own. In case patients need help in a crisis, we make sure that they feel that we are there and available. And again, we do everything to make them feel that they are in good hands. Often, despite dramatic diseases, patients deny their problems; they believe that if they take their medication something horrible will happen. It is difficult and we give them all our support.”

The out-patient department’s approach goes far beyond offering excellent medical treatment. “Our aim is to help patients but also to change the way society looks at psychological problems and to combat the stigma of mental illness,” points out Dr. Lukasz Goryszewski. “Our patients have trouble with everyday life. These people just need help. Mental disease, especially depression, is rising because of the way we live. New ways of treating and caring such as technologies with cranial magnetic stimulation are promising methods to get patients back to normal life.”