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Metal matters


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Kovosreal s.r.o. is one of the premier metal processing companies in the Czech Republic, offering services such as metal sheet processing, surface treatment, powder coating, and tool production for metal processing. Purchased back in 2002, the company has remained a family-run business with the owner’s daughter, Kamila Hejduková, assuming the role of Marketing Manager and Co-Owner.

After the unexpected death of their father, Ms. Hejduková and her brother inherited the company, and this family focus has remained an integral part of business operations. “We believe in family management. We trust each other, have great people in production and can make every decision very quickly,” explains Ms. Hejduková. “We give our best to our people, and they do our best for us. We believe in long-term relationships. It is first about the people – the employees and clients – and only afterwards about machines and money,” she adds.

A closely-knit company has also enabled Kovosreal to offer products specifically tailored to each customer. “Our production is highly customized. We have no final products. Instead, we offer production capacity. We ask our customers what they need, they send us drawings and we produce what they want. For example, for one client, we produced more than 20,000 different parts. Moreover, when our customers want us to produce a new part, it takes a maximum of two days from receiving the order to delivery,” Ms. Hejduková underlines.

News of excellent, attentive service quickly spreads, and Kovosreal’s biggest marketing means is undoubtedly its customers. “The great thing is that our customers refer others to us. We get e-mails from companies which are looking for producers like us, and that’s how we grow our business,” points out Ms. Hejduková.

The company has also been recognized for its excellent work, winning second place over 400 competitors for a company of the year award presented by a major daily newspaper. For the future, the manufacturer would like to increase its exports, with a focus on neighbouring Germany.

“At the end of last year, we bought new machines and hired new people. Our main goal now is finding new customers and continuing a high standard of employee and customer satisfaction,” highlights Ms. Hejduková.

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