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Food containers for many applications


Kreis Pack was founded by Jürgen Kreis and Roman and Przemyslaw Florysiak in 1992. “Mr. Kreis has been established as the main shareholder ever since,” explains Rafal Bręczewski, authorised representative of Kreis Pack since 2002.

“Already in 1997, the founders purchased their first machinery for thermoforming processes to initiate production in Poland. Before, the company focused on injection moulding for plastic cutlery.”

When Roman and Przemyslaw Florysiak left Kreis Pack in 2002, Mr. Kreis henceforth acted as sole owner of the company. “With the acquisition of Sichtpack Hager & Masch in Zyradów, our portfolio was significantly enhanced in 2007,” states the authorised representative. “Cups with clear lids and containers for salads in various forms and sizes enriched our product range.” As part of the company’s development, Kreis Pack obtained several industrial certifications, for example ISO and HACCP in 2007. “

At the present time, the company operates as part of the Kreis group with two factories in Poland, namely in Niepruszewo and Zyradów, and another subsidiary in Fürstenwalde in Germany,” says Mr. Bręczewski. “They complement each other and manufacture packaging of all kinds; therefore, the product portfolio is at its broadest as a group.”

With many years of experience in the production of food containers, Kreis Pack celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2012. “It has been a long way from a small producer of packages to an internationally operating group of companies,” explains the authorised representative. “Today, we generate an annual turnover of 20 million EUR and employ about 200 people at both production sites.”

Particularly Kreis Pack’s continuous development in terms of machinery and portfolio turns the company into a reliable partner for many industries.

“Our complex range of products is an essential advantage on the market,” states Mr. Bręczewski. “We distribute many types of packaging, for example plastic cutlery, round and square food containers with clear or coloured lids, or confectionery containers, all made of polypropylene or OPS, as well as containers produced by our German sister company.”

To make the offer complete for its customers, Kreis Pack also acts as an importer for German producers such as Indeplastik, a producer of foam takeaway food boxes, and novelis, who produces aluminium containers. “This fruitful combination forms new synergies,” says the authorised representative. “Needless to say, all related parties profit from this collaboration.”

Apart from its long expertise in the production of plastic food packaging, Kreis Pack also feels responsible for environmental issues. Especially in the past years, sustainable products, the avoidance of waste and saving resources have become important topics in almost every industrial company.

Kreis Pack dares to leave the trodden path and has already been awarded for its exemplary recycling methods: The company received a certificate Zgodnie z rytmem natury, meaning ‘Friendly towards nature.’ “In our company, no plastic material is wasted or thrown away,” explains Mr. Bręczewski. “The residues are not even sold. Due to the fact that our plastic material is delivered in large but thin sheets, we are not able to use all of it – offcuts always remain. This material is handled in a mill and then processed into plastic dishes and cutlery. In this regard, our motto is, ‘Everything becomes a product.’”

Kreis Pack’s progressive approaches attract many customers from domestic and foreign markets. “We serve as a powerful supplier for many segments,” states the authorized representative. “In Poland itself, our products are distributed to wholesale companies of the gastronomy sector. We also cooperate with hypermarkets like Metro, Selgros or Makro and directly supply several industries, ice cream or salad producers, just to name a few.”

In order to stay in close contact with these important target groups, the company established its own marketing department a few years ago.

“Many of our clients are located in the industrial segment,” says Mr. Bręczewski. “These customers are offered a full service, including professional trading, consulting and logistics solutions.” In 2012, Kreis Pack not only celebrated its 20th anniversary, but also prepared for further growth in the years to come. “It has been one of our most prestigious investments in the past years: the building of a new warehouse in Niepruszewo,” explains the authorised representative.

“Although the property was purchased in 2006, the erection started in 2011 and was completed in July 2012. Covering an area of 8,000 m2, there is not only a warehouse, but also offices for our sales and logistics department.” With these preconditions, Kreis Pack feels perfectly equipped for its entrepreneurial future. “With our broad product portfolio and motivated employees, we take an optimistic view into the future,” summarises Mr. Bręczewski. “Our next step will be an integration of advanced materials like PET.”

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