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Modern designs that light up the room


Kreon NV’s creations can be spotted in a great deal of establishments and consist of two main products: luminaires and ceilings. One of Kreon’s exclusive branches is its lighting collection called Tools of Light. This collection is available to clients with high-end profiles and includes the residential, retail, hospitality and office markets. This unique compilation is comprised of contemporary models as well as classic styles that were created 20 to 30 years ago.

“We have timeless designs,” says Global Marketing and Communication Director Philippe van Doormaal. “We create forms that do not contain any visible installation materials, which provides a very pure and timeless feel.” Tools of Light is the main branch of the corporation and attracts a great deal of business and clients.

In contrast to Tools of Light, the company’s ceiling solutions are applied to large projects, such as office buildings. These units are modeled based on Kreon’s lighting systems, which integrates the two branches and gives the room a unified look.

The designs are equipped to incorporate heating and cooling systems, acoustic solutions and signaling devices as well. Architects are especially intrigued by these features beKreon’s cause Kreon can help out with the initial design at the beginning of a project. “We take over the risk from the architect by managing the technological specifications,” explains Mr. van Doormaal.

All of Kreon’s models are created by in-house designers. The corporation chooses not to work with famous designers in order to uphold its own vision of lighting.

“This was a deliberate decision,” states Mr. van Doormaal. Kreon’s designers also welcome custom requests that incorporate the company’s famous black-and-white modern style. “Our systems are very flexible when it comes to custom designs,” adds Mr. van Doormaal.

In January 2016, Kreon became the new owner of Belux, a fellow lighting corporation that caters to offices in Germany and Switzerland. Now that Kreon has acquired the complementary company, Belux can expand even further internationally.

“We are active worldwide,” says Mr. van Doormaal. “This is great opportunity for Belux to reach out globally with its products and services.” Although Belux offers a different array of lighting solutions than Kreon provides, Mr. van Doormaal believes clients will now have a larger variety to choose from.

The acquisition will also benefit Kreon’s future revenues. “We consolidated at 24 million EUR in 2015,” explains Mr. van Doormaal. “Belux represents about half of that amount, meaning we expect to increase our turnover by 50%.”

Kreon’s headquarters are located in Opglabbeek, but the company assembles and distributes its products all around the globe. It currently has several showroom/sales office combinations as well as three production units – one having opened last year in New York.

“We aim to break open the North American market,” says Mr. van Doormaal. “The new assembly unit allows us to serve our clients locally, which we prefer to do.”

The extensive repertoire and consistent growth of Kreon makes it a competitive establishment in the lighting and ceiling industry. By transforming rooms into architecturally spectacular spaces, Kreon constantly satisfies its customers throughout the world.

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