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The tools the company offers in the construction line are numerous and include popular items such as putty knives, trowels, floats and stirrers. Many of these products are made from stainless steel, rubber and plastic, so no matter what the job, Kubala has the right tool.

“We also have specialized tools in this category, like masonry and plastering tools and glazing tools,” says Aleksander Lamacz, General Manager. “One of our more innovative products is a scrubber for Styrofoam.”

Similarly, custom items are available, including, shovels, gypsum sets and more. The firm has displays ready as well to help its business clients catch the eye of the end customer. Kubala is constantly working on expanding its range, focusing on tools and painting products at this time.

“We want to become the natural choice of the target group with an ever-growing selection of tools and products for interested parties,” adds Mr. Lamacz. In all, Kubala has patented over 50 different designs.

Kubala is all about developing new products for the industries it serves. “From the beginning, Mr. Kubala invented the majority of the tools we sold,” explains Mr. Lamacz. This entrepreneurial spirit is still alive and well within the company. Clients recognize this and contract the business to create private label tools for their brands. Kubala does this by making slight modifications to products that it sells under its own brand name, adapting them to the specific needs of each customer.

Furthermore, the company offers training workshops directly with the end users of the products. This gives invaluable insight into what works and what doesn’t. “We take this information and change products where necessary or invent entirely new ones,” adds Mr. Lamacz.

Staying plugged in to the industries it represents helps the company to change with the times, which keeps existing customers coming back and entices new customers to place orders. Lately, there has been a push into new markets. Kubala has seen the need for its products increasing in areas such as the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

“We are very focused on exports,” states Mr. Lamacz. “Our goal is to develop Kubala into a strong brand both within Europe and worldwide. A real advantage is that we are able to adapt and produce dedicated products very quickly to meet requirements in new markets.” The business is able to remain flexible, partially thanks to its machine park. This includes, welding tool preparation, plastic injection, steelworks with its presses, mounting, a recently improved warehouse and a powder painting shop.

Having the freedom to change its product portfolio quickly allows the company to meet different countries’ requirements regarding tool shape, size, etc. Other future goals revolve around developing the Kubala brand further, maintaining close relationships with its distributors and moving production to allow for more growth within the company.