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Good for the customer and the environment


Kugler-Womako specializes in manufacturing solutions for the paper converting industry. The company offers a broad range of forming and binding equipment, including environment-friendly paper binding machinery, as well as punching machines and labeling systems for the stationery and bookbinding industries. The comprehensive product portfolio also includes machinery for the production of writing pads and folders, guillotines for wet glue labels, films and speciality papers. In addition,

Kugler-Womako has a market-leading position in equipment for the production of passports and other security documents with integrated microchips. “In this sophisticated segment, we have a global market share of 80%,” states Managing Director Christoph Golombek.

Kugler-Womako is a subsidiary of BW Papersystems, a US-based manufacturer of machinery and equipment for paper and board converting and sheeting as well as corrugating applications. The Group has production plants in the USA and Europe, including Kugler-Womako in Nürtingen in the south of Germany.

“Being part of BW Papersystems has many benefits for us,” says Mr. Golombek. “The Group has sound financial resources, is in the same market as we are and is pursuing the same strategy of ensuring a constant, basic utilization through maintenance and spare parts services, complemented by the development and sale of new machinery. Just like our parent company, we have a strong focus on continuous product innovation and development.”

The two companies’ corporate strategies do not only have an external focus, though. “They also have an internal dimension and are both oriented towards employee motivation and creating a pleasant working environment,” states Mr. Golombek.

Kugler-Womako’s origins go back to Kugler Automation GmbH which was founded by Walter Kugler in 1962. In 1999, the company merged with Womako Maschinenkonstruktion GmbH, thus forming Kugler-Womako GmbH.

In 2014, MarquipWardUnited, a Barry-Wehmiller company, acquired Kugler-Womako, together with its sister companies E.C.H. Will and Pemco. “To combine the different brands, PW Papersystems was set up as a holding company,” explains Mr. Golombek.

Kugler-Womako has over 100 employees and turns over 20 million EUR. The company’s portfolio for the stationery and bookbinding industries includes a wide variety of high-tech equipment for the production of all types of printed products.

The flagship product in the range is the award-winning, environment-friendly EcoBinder paper binding machine. “We are the only supplier of spiral binding machines using paper instead of metal or plastic,” states Mr. Golombek.

In 2010, Kugler-Womako won the PrintStar, the Innovation Award of the German Printing Industry, for its new, patented EcoBinder machine. The machine range for the production of passports provides customized solutions for all types of security documents, including machine-readable and electronic passports. Kugler-Womako also supplies machines for the production of filing systems, precision cutting machines and labeling equipment.

The product offering is accompanied by comprehensive service and support solutions. “We set ourselves apart from our competitors with machines of exceptional quality, durability and reliability, combined with outstanding technical support and spare parts service on a global scale,” says Mr. Golombek.

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