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Having a crush on brushes


Kullen-Koti is one of Europe’s largest brush manufacturers – around 200 employees, annual revenues of about 34 million EUR and 150,000 different brush varieties from circular and roller brushes, strip and sealing brushes, disc brushes and belt brushes to lath brushes, antistatic and ostrich-feather brushes underpin the company’s leading market position.

But figures are only one aspect. Its history, philosophy and products themselves are other characteristics that make the company stand out. “Kullen-Koti has become a well-established quality brand,” sums up Marketing Manager Tanja Kanzy. “It is a brand that represents specific values.”

Kullen-Koti always seeks the better solution and constantly encounters new challenges. For this reason, the company does not focus on standard products but on customized solutions meeting individual requirements. “Our aim is to support customers with unique top-quality solutions that are able to enhance their business performance. Our philosophy puts a strong focus on added values for customers.”

Since 1913, Kullen-Koti has influenced the world of brushes. Brooms and brushes for general cleaning purposes first dominated the portfolio. New products, new applications, new markets – over time, the company has consistently broadened its horizons.

Many of its products were patented – the first one, a cutting, peeling, and preparation machine for the mill industry, in 1926. At the end of the 1920s, Kullen-Koti found its market niche: machinery brushes, industrial brushes and roller brushes for the textile and paper industry.

At the same time, the company started exporting its innovative brushes, and a new type of brushes entered the scene: spiral brushes, which are still today core products of the portfolio. After World War II, Kullen-Koti slowly regained its strength. Step by step, the company rebuilt production.

Up to now, Kullen-Koti has constantly launched new products, installed new technologies and embraced new markets. Sound know-how was successfully transferred from generation to generation – this was an important basis for the company’s ongoing dynamic development.

Already in the 1980s, the company was Europe’s leading manufacturer of technical brushes, and it was able to consolidate this position further. In the 1990s, the product range embraced a multitude of brush types, and the products met increasing demand abroad.

“Kullen-Koti focused on international markets at a very early stage,” explains Ms. Kanzy. “Today, we have representations and sales offices around the world. Our brushes are sold to the most diverse industries, from metal processing and engineering to the automotive, wood and furniture industries in Europe, Asia and the United States. Due to the comprehensive range, we satisfy the needs of so many markets. We have many production options always depending on the purpose. Disc brushes for instance are made on CNC machines to ensure unparalleled quality. This is pivotal for rotating tools.”

In 2012 Kullen became part of the Dutch group KOTI and has since traded as KULLEN-KOTI GmbH. In addition to the German company, the KOTI Group owns a total of eleven sites in the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, England, France, the Czech Republic and the USA. The group currently has about 850 employees. Kullen-Koti is one of Germany’s top market players with flexibility, great responsiveness and expertise as its main strengths. The company puts great emphasis on closely collaborating with its customers.

“We are interested in integrated solutions,” states Ms. Kanzy. “We advise customers on-site and involve all parties in specific development processes. This cooperation is an important part of our work.”

As an open-minded company, Kullen-Koti is a regular exhibitor at international trade fairs and constantly adapts to modern technologies. “Thanks to our size, we are in the position to react quickly – not only production-wise,” underlines Ms. Kanzy. “We’ve always had a high online affinity and are eager to strengthen different online activities further. Customers greatly appreciate detailed information provided on our Internet blog for instance. This is something we want to push forward. Content marketing will be another challenge of the future. There are always pros and cons, and we will carefully consider this.”

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