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Because safety matters


KVT-Fastening’s products and solutions are highly sought after wherever safe and secure connections are essential. Small but extremely resilient, they guarantee safety in the electronics and energy sectors, the automotive and transportation industries, aviation and aerospace, engineering and construction, precision engineering and medical equipment.

“Our fasteners are used in different industries with different needs,” sums up Managing Director Thomas Tossmann. “Our advantage has always been that we do not only provide standard products but work out individual solutions. Thanks to our wide-ranging experience, skilled employees and state-of-the-art technologies, we are in the position to develop fastening solutions that are ahead of the market.”

KVT-Fastening offers more than 70,000 product items. Among them are blind rivets, blind rivet nuts, thread inserts, self-clinching fasteners, bonding fasteners, stud welding systems, sealing plugs, adhesives and sealants, and quick fastening elements and clips. All of them are the result of a long journey. KVT-Fastening’s roots go back to 1927 when Dr. Max König founded a company for custom-made sheet metal processing in Zurich, Switzerland.

In 1950, the company added blind rivets and fastening products to its portfolio and started a dynamic expansion strategy by establishing many subsidiaries around the globe. In 2012, the Bossard Group acquired the fastening technology division from the KVT Group. As a result, today, KVT-Fastening is an independent company with 57 employees in Austria and an annual turnover of 14 million EUR. 60% of the products are distributed abroad; core markets are Poland and the Czech Republic.

The entire group has a workforce of 220 employees. KVT-Fastening has three logistic centers in Dietikon, Switzerland; Illerrieden, Germany; and Asten, Austria, as well as subsidiariesin Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Ukraine, Croatia and Serbia. “We clearly benefit from being part of the multinational Bossard Group,” states Mr. Tossmann. “The pProducts complement each other perfectly. While Bossard supplies standard products, KVT-Fastening adds specialized products that satisfy individual requirements. This way, we are able to offer complete one-stop solutions.”

KVT-Fastening banks on partnerships with selected suppliers in Europe that guarantee outstanding quality. Many of them have worked with KVT-Fastening for more than 30 years and appreciate the Austrian company as a trustworthy partner. Quality has always had priority for KVT-Fastening. The quality strategy is backed by important certifications such as ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. Furthermore, the company banks on comprehensive testing such as corrosion and salt-spray testing, test loading, tensile strength, hardness and molecular testing.

Technical expertise, solution-driven know-how and a broad product palette have always been the main characteristics of KVT-Fastening. “While many competitors import product elements from the Far East to offer low prices, we concentrate on sound solution engineering,” stresses Mr. Tossmann. “Our main goal is to offer the best solution for the customer – not only in terms of individual products but also in terms of technical consultancy services. We want to support customers and to strengthen them. We offer product training and individual barcoded packaging solutions for this reason. Another asset is our outstanding logistic competence.” Thanks to spacious logistic centers and a culture of productive cooperation within the group, KVT-Fastening is well-known for its excellent responsiveness.

As KVT-Fastening is keen to continue its expansive development, it will soon move to bigger premises that are close by. “We are one of the leaders when it comes to innovative fastening technology,” says Mr. Tossmann. “But despite our ongoing dynamic progress, we are continuously working on the improvement of our products. Our new premises in Linz will provide the perfect conditions to further develop products and services for the benefit of our customers. KVT-Fastening will always be synonymous with strong connections.”

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