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Green printing at its best


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“Office work as well as modern document management have become increasingly complex so that a simple printer in one office would not be sufficient anymore. We at Kyocera Document Solutions have created a wide range of professional office printing equipment that includes copy-centric units which can be turned into solutions for copying, printing, scanning and faxing, either for small working environments or for large departments,” points out Managing Director Dietmar Nick.

As a provider of document solutions for the B2B segment, Kyocera provides hardware as well as appropriate software solutions, which means that simple printers are a relic of the past, while complete systems that support entire document management processes are the present and the future of printing.

“With regard to hardware, we provide a range of printers, copiers and multifunctional devices. In addition, the software we implement controls these document management processes. Normally, an invoice arrives by mail. Subsequently, it is handed over to bookkeeping or is directly scanned at the entrance,” explains Mr. Nick. “It can then be sent as a PDF to bookkeeping or as an intelligent solution. This is when our software detects the sender and the amount to be transferred and provides this information, including authorization, to the accounting division. This workflow helps reduce the time taken from receipt of the invoice to final bank transfer enormously.”

But this is not the end of Kyocera’s highly intelligent document management solutions. Today, office environments fall back on just one centrally placed printer, which means that the output management must be handled with care and a close eye on safety aspects.

“Security is now part of the overall business strategy for many companies and governmental bodies. Protecting sensitive data becomes a vital aspect of daily printing, copying and scanning operations, and particularly so when they are handled centrally. So we offer data security solutions that protect confidential data from any misuse,” stresses Mr. Nick.

Kyocera has worked hard to shift printing and all related activities to a new level, in line with the implementation of modern workflows in offices. “Our document solutions reduce work time and the workload of staff by automating office processes. When many companies reduce the number of PCs, servers and printing equipment, they mainly aim to improve overall processes,” adds Mr. Nick. “They favour technology that is highly economical and environmentally friendly. In particular the latter has become a significant aspect of modern office work, and it is the foundation of what Kyocera is all about.”

For Kyocera, environmental aspects have indeed turned into a major benchmark when judging the impact of its products. In fact, its commitment to implementing environmentally friendly solutions has become the dominating guideline of its daily operations.

“Our products help reduce the use of consumables such as paper and toner. Energy costs are reduced, and service and support costs are lowered. Our energy-saving printers and copiers have a strong impact on our customers’ energy bills,” says Mr. Nick. “These are all factors that underline our commitment to saving energy. We have entered a cooperation with the Deutsche Umwelthilfe (Environmental Action Germany) and support various projects. For instance, our cartridges are CO2 neutral, and we have offered compensation for 93,000 t CO2 in Germany until now. We have recently won the German CSR Award and the Sustainability Award, which emphasizes our environmental work.”

Its environmentally friendly products and cost-efficient solutions have made Kyocera a brand to rely on in German offices. For more than 30 years, the subsidiary of Kyocera Document Solutions has been present in Germany. “Kyocera is a Japanese brand that originally focused on ceramics. Resistors in circuit boards, for instance, are made of ceramics. Kyocera is more an OEM than a brand, apart from the business field Document Solutions, where Kyocera acts under its own brand,” says Mr. Nick.

Today, Kyocera Document Solutions Deutschland is the distribution company for the German market. The subsidiary has attained a market share of 23%, so it is on the same level as HP. “As printers and multifunctional products are used in different industrial areas, we serve a wide range of industries. Generally speaking, we provide adequate solutions for large internationals and small enterprises,” points out Mr. Nick.

In Germany, digitalization is more advanced in the private market than in business environments. However, the process of digitalization is advancing at a rapid space, and Kyocera predicts that in the coming years, many document management processes will be digitalized.

“The attitude towards digitalization will change, and fewer documents will be printed. This means a complete turnaround. We are already reacting to this development. For instance, we have recently acquired Ceynola, a company that specializes in accompanying such change processes,” stresses Mr. Nick. “It is our task to restructure our processes and find new solutions in order to present products that are in line with market requirements.”

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