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Naturally bambou-tiful


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Oranges, citrus, bamboo, pomegranate, kiwi, aloe vera, honey, chocolate  ̶̶  Bernard Cassière brand relies strictly on the power of nature to create unique gourmet cosmetics   ̶̶  natural skin care products that are exclusively used in selected beauty institutes and spas. The company’s product range is creative, fancy, modern and yummy.

“When we first started developing skincare products based on natural ingredients, this was something truly unique and innovative,” states Business Development Manager Antoine Mourcou who joined the company ten years ago. “We were among the first to emulate nature. Today, organic and natural products are trendy and fashionable, and it often happens that our pioneering products are copied.”

Bernard Cassière brand as long enjoyed an excellent reputation for products such as its Bamboo Tinted Creams, Honey Express Masks, Royal Jelly Honey Fluids, Cornflower Eye Contour Sets or Pomegranate AHA Radiance Care Sets. These exceptional products mirror the expertise and passion of a strong group.  Bernard Cassière brand is part of the Sothys group which is widely recognized in the world of cosmetics. With 560 employees, 56 million EUR in sales and products sold in 130 countries around the world, Sothys is a global leader.

Sothys was founded 70 years ago by Bernard Mas. Ever since, the group has been active in the world of beauty. In 2001, Bernard Cassière, a new, innovative brand for natural skin care products was added to the portfolio. While creams, lotions and fluids were at first distributed by traditional retailers, in 2001 Christian Mas followed in this father’s footsteps and started developing new concepts.

“Mr. Mas introduced products that were second to none,” points out Mr. Mourcou. “For the first time, he used bamboo and Hemp as essential ingredients. Back then, this was a real novelty, whereas today it is widely popular. Later, he added chocolate and honey-based products and set new standards in the market.”

This focus on gourmet cosmetics has long become a trademark   ̶̶   and the key to sustainable growth. Today, SFC Company has 15 employees and exports its delicate products all around the world, particularly to Asia. Exports make up 60% of sales. “The market is dominated by huge multinationals,” says Mr. Mourcou. “We are operating in a niche that still offers great opportunities for small companies. We are still a small family-run company, but we have a clear vision; this is what makes us strong. We listen to customers and we adapt flexibly. More and more consumers are opting for natural, fragrant products that are effective. This is exactly what the Bernard Cassière brand is synonymous with.”

Bernard Cassière's products hydrate, nourish and protect the skin in a natural way. Pomegranate and aloe vera based creams and lotions are unique energy boosters. “We focus mainly on young women,” states Mr. Mourcou. “Besides, we offer anti-aging and sun protection products and even some products for men. Our great asset is our own laboratory where experts constantly develop new formulations. Thanks to modern production and laboratory facilities we are in the position to guarantee outstanding transparency and to react to market trends. At the moment, organic products are booming; our products are sold in 50 different countries and demand is on the up in every country. We have been active in this market segment for many years now, but we never made this really public. However, we eventually realized that it is time to change strategy and to strengthen our marketing activities. These days, we give detailed information about all the natural ingredients we use and cooperate with selected bloggers. Our products simply capture the natural spirit of the times.”