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Looking good and feeling great


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Despite the rise in the number of invasive cosmetic treatments, the majority of consumers still see them as a step too far in pandering to vanity. “Our products offer an extremely effective alternative to surgical treatments,” says Managing Director Marcel Lützelschwab. “For the most part, people are looking for subtle improvements that look natural. That is what we can give them.” Labo Cosprophar markets three product ranges under three separate brand names.

The first is Crescina, which has been successfully marketed since 1998. Crescina is a complete hair treatment range that the company asserts has been proven in clinical tests to be 100% effective. “Crescina is aimed at both men and women with hair loss and thinning problems,” describes Mr. Lützelschwab. “It preserves cell longevity, fights against ageing and promotes physiological hair growth. Our Crescina HFSC treatment has undergone published clinical trials that document its effectiveness.”

The second brand, Fillerina, refers to a dermo-cosmetic filler treatment that contains twelve hyaluronic acids that work to plump lips and cheeks and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. “Don’t be fooled by the presence of two syringes,” assures Mr. Lützelschwab. “Fillerina is completely non-invasive. The syringes are to ensure a precise application of the treatment.” Fillerina has been developed completely in-house and its efficacy has also been demonstrated by in-vivo testing with the results published in the respected Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. Fillerina’s unique formulation has also been shown to increase breast volume and plump lips.

Finally, Labo Transdermic is an anti-ageing facial care range that contains eight hyaluronic acids that have been shown to improve skin texture and firmness. Its various formulations make it suitable for those with oily, dry or combination skin and those following the easy-to-use skincare regimen report perceptible improvements. “Our products are highly innovative,” states Mr. Lützelschwab. “It is quite a bold claim to make that we can stimulate new hair growth with a lotion, but Crescina has performed for us for over 20 years and our customers swear by it.” Labo Cosprophar’s products are all the basis of intensive research and development work conducted both in-house and by external partners. “We are constantly working to improve our formulations and have more than 29 international patents and the results of over 207 effectiveness studies,” the CEO adds. “We do not want to make claims for our products that the research cannot back up.”

The most recent patent awarded to the company was for its transdermic technology. “This is a world first,” states Mr. Lützelschwab. “One of the limitations of topical treatments is that they do not penetrate the epidermis. We have patented technology that can demonstrate how much of the active ingredient actually penetrates the deeper layers of the skin. In our latest products, Fillerina 12 formulations include twelve different hyaluronic acids. Each has a different rate of penetration so we can cover all the layers of the epidermis.”

All three branded product ranges are distributed in 33 countries worldwide. “We occupy a niche in the higher quality end of the market,” explains Mr. Lützelschwab. “Crescina treatments are sold via dispensing chemists and pharmacies because consumer consultation is very important. We distribute our other products via a worldwide network of exclusive partners.” Growth markets for the future have been identified in China, India, the US and Indonesia. “We want to expand our distributor network to new territories and grow our market share in established markets,” says Mr. Lützelschwab, looking to the future. “We have just established a new division called EXXE (External Internal Cosmetic Treatment) to market a new line that is currently being tested in Italy. The new range is a combination of facial care and nutritional supplement. If the test phase is successful, it will join our other products in the international market.”