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Diagnostic testing for animals


LABOKLIN is an accredited laboratory operating in accordance with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005 norms that ensure that all of its procedures are carried out to the same reliable and verifiable standards. It offers one of the biggest portfolios of veterinary tests in Europe but is also happy to cooperate with other laboratories with greater expertise in specific areas.

“No laboratory can do everything,” says Company Founder and Managing Director Dr. Elisabeth Müller. “It is important to know your limits and seek out superior expertise when necessary. In this way we can truly guarantee our clients the best possible service.”

LABOKLIN works together with many leading international diagnostic laboratories and is itself one of the top five in its field worldwide.

“Building an international presence was not my initial intention when we founded LABOKLIN in 1989,” says Dr. Müller, whose founding partners Dr. Rüdiger Leimbeck and Prof. Bernd Sonnenschein have since retired from the business. “We took over what was then a relatively small laboratory with the intention of expanding its activities. However, we did not envisage then that we would grow to such an extent.”

The measures undertaken in the past to ensure the laboratory’s long-term future have given it more than much-needed stability. They have provided the basis for strong growth.

The laboratory now employs 250 people divided across several sites in Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, the UK and the Netherlands. Over half of its workforce is employed at its headquarters in Bad Kissingen. “Over the years we have acquired or founded laboratories in several European countries in order to guarantee the necessary volume of orders to ensure success,” explains Dr. Müller. “We also have offices in a number of other countries.”

LABOKLIN’s strategy since the beginning has been to offer specialist tests that were not offered by the majority of its competitors. When catering to niches, however, it is necessary to spread the net wide to maximize demand.

“In comparison to human medicine, veterinary medicine is hugely complex because there are so many different species,” says Dr. Müller. “We specialize primarily in the domestic pet sector and focus mainly on diagnostic testing for cats, dogs and other small animal species, as well as on horses.”

The main areas covered include microbiology, parasitology, haematology, serology, allergy testing, genetic testing and urine testing. “We have one of the widest spectrums of self-conducted and accredited veterinary tests in Europe,” says Dr. Müller. “Accreditation is extremely important in our field, and we are subject to close external monitoring. We also ensure that any external laboratories carrying out work on our behalf operate to the same stringent quality paremeters.”

Continued growth is the company’s goal for the future. The main hurdle to be overcome in achieving this goal is related to finding suitably qualified employees.

“The brain drain is particularly acute in this sector,” confirms Dr. Müller. “One of our key strengths is the high qualification of our personnel, but finding young people to fill the gaps left by retirement is difficult. We are working hard to make ourselves an attractive employer so that we can continue to offer a comprehensive service.”

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