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Strong together


Lariotechnik is a company with small and medium-sized enterprises covering the entire range of metal processing technologies, from mechanical processing and forming, including hot forming, to laser welding, surface treatment, assembling and die construction.

The ISO 9001-certified company includes toolmakers, punching firms and mechanical processing businesses that together can provide any metal product required by the customer. “The idea was to join forces to provide a broad product offering and develop the export market, with a particular focus on Germany,” Managing Director Andreas Egger describes the motive behind establishing a strong link between the five individual partners.

Thanks to the unique combination of expert metal processing capabilities, Lariotechnik is equipped to meet all customer demands. “We deliver what is needed by our customers – from a single source and at a competitive price,” says Mr. Egger.

Founded in 2005, Lariotechnik employs a total of 13 people and has annual sales of twelve million EUR. The company’s main office is situated in Lecco in Lombardy while its manufacturing plant is located in nearby Civate. Lariotechnik offers stamped, turned, cast, forged and laser-welded parts and assemblies for diverse automotive applications.

“We supply to the automotive supplier industry,” explains Mr. Egger. “At present, we have seven large customers. But we plan to further strengthen our marketing activities to win new clients, especially in Germany. For this purpose, we will exhibit at various fairs for sheet metal working in Germany next year.”

Lariotechnik has brought together several specialist metal processing businesses with expert know-how and many years of experience. Lariotechnik itself specializes in toolmaking while its partner firms cover all other metal processing operations.

“The advantage is that we can provide our customers with complete solutions for their individual applications,” states Mr. Egger. “There is also only one contact for all individual requirements, which is highly appreciated by our customers.”

Lariotechnik sources its raw materials from recognized suppliers in Italy and Slovakia. “We have a close-knit network of suppliers, which allows us to provide our customers with every component or assembly they may need. This way, we enable our customers to concentrate on their core competencies.”

In addition to processed components and assemblies, Lariotechnik supplies third-party buyout products. Lariotechnik has a strong international orientation and ships 98% of its components and assemblies abroad. The company’s main customers are in Germany and Sweden and are also supplied at their international production sites.

Other major export markets are the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Mexico. Lariotechnik covers everything from single components to large-scale production runs and is particularly strong in rapid prototyping.

“Quality prototyping is important, especially in the automotive sector, in order to be awarded a contract for volume production,” explains Mr. Egger. “As a small enterprise, we are flexible enough to supply high-quality, custom-engineered prototypes at very short notice.”

Lariotechnik wants to use its rapid prototyping capabilities to develop new markets and acquire additional customers in the automotive industry and other application sectors.

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