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Tasty drinks for the old and young alike


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The categories of drink that Lasso sells are, beer, wine/sangria, cider, ready to drink (RTD), spirits and soft drinks. Bestsellers are currently a non-alcoholic in-house beer brand called Lasso Zero. which is a non-alcoholic Belgian lager, a non-alcoholic sparkling wine named #WINNER and kids’ party drinks.

#WINNER is taking off internationally and it’s mostly due to its taste and expert craftsmanship. The alcohol-free sparkling wine contains 100% wild hand-picked cloudberries that are found in the barren swamps of Lapland in Northern Finland. These are combined with elderflower to create a sparkling sensation. “This beverage is produced in small batches, so the supply is limited,” adds Kimmo Koivikko. Owner. This attention to detail, taste and its exclusivity makes it, dare we say, a winner!

Kids’ party drinks are a special niche area that Lasso has stepped into. The carbonated drinks come in fun packaging that kids can’t wait to open. With bottle designs that feature characters from popular culture, such as Angry Birds and Disney’s Cars, Frozen, Mickey Mouse and Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s no wonder that most children would love to have these drinks at their party. The flavours that customers can choose from are wild strawberry and a blueberry raspberry mix.

A special line from this category is Moomin. The characters come from the beloved series that was created by Tove Jansson in 1945. The series was also made into a popular animated TV program that aired in 124 countries worldwide and a feature-length film debuted in 2014.

“We are honoured to carry these Moomin branded drinks, because the author was a Finnish citizen and she created a series that has touched the hearts and minds of children around the globe,” says Mr. Koivikko.

With competition being so strong within the industry, how does Lasso manage to grab a bigger share of the market annually? “We stay on-trend with our product assortment and with how each product is packaged,” states Mr. Koivikko. Providing non-alcoholic beverages within the sparkling wine and beer sectors has really helped the firm cater to a previously underserved group of consumers.

Furthermore, the demand for alcohol-free drinks is on the rise within the last few years and is expected to continue its upward trajectory. Additionally, offering creative, fun and healthier drink options to children has also solidified the company’s place with its customer base.

Kimmo Koivikko
Since we’ve been in the industry for quite some time, our customers know us and trust us to give them the best and fairest deal. Kimmo KoivikkoOwner

In order to stay ahead of the game even more, Lasso continually adds new products from a multitude of distributors. Some of the most recent additions are traditional German beers from the Störtebeker and Hofbräu breweries respectively. To please every palate, the business carries brands from around the world, since every geographic region puts its own special something into its creations.

Cocktail mixes are another new category that the company is exploring. These RTD options are great for customers who want an already mixed drink, such as a Caipirinha, but don’t have the capacity to buy all the ingredients individually and mix them together.

Currently Lasso’s clientele includes those in the wholesale, supermarket, HORECA and Alko – the Finnish state-owned alcohol monopoly – sectors. Most of these customers are based in Finland, but more international expansion is the goal. “We are known for our clockwork logistics and innovative products and packaging, so I think these factors set us up nicely to move outside of Finland,” explains Mr. Koivikko.

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