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Growing data on farming


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“Our portfolio features various services. 80% of our activities are connected to the distribution of a device called Trimble. This product is a GPS tool for precision farming,” Mr. Vauqelin explains.

By implementing Trimble or similar products, farmers can collect data and adjust their method of farming according to the results of the evaluation. “This is especially interesting for larger agricultural players, as costs can be reduced with regard to fuel and the materials in use. It is highly profitable for larger scale agricultural cultivation like sugar cane, rice and wine,” the President of Latitude GPS elaborates. “Especially if you look at the methods used in winegrowing, we are basically on a prehistoric level if we talk about precision farming. There is a lot of potential in the market for a company like ours.”

Latitude GPS also imports the drones which are used for detailed mapping of large agricultural areas. The devices can record data collected by camera, video or infrared.

“We are also auditing the use of GPS tools like Trimble or other brands. This is very well received by our clients as many of them are really interested in making the best use of the technological possibilities, but are not 100% sure how to use them or whether they are even compatible with their existing equipment,” Mr. Vauqelin says.

We have been on the market for 20 years as specialists for precision equipment and are determined to create new solutions for farming in the future. Emmanuel VauquelinPresident
Emmanuel Vauquelin, president of Latitude GPS

Innovation is a constant part of the company’s DNA today. This is evident in the start-up Visiogreen Agriculture, which caters to the needs of the Internet of Things (IoT). Mr. Vauquelin is proud to launch two innovative products on the market: “We have developed a box that can collect data on weather, humidity, temperature and machinery based on several sensors. In the case of an irrigation issue, the farmer will be notified automatically and can respond accordingly. Another patented innovation is a handheld device intended for use by people who cannot read or write. They log on via a personal key and work through a system of pictograms to transfer the collected data.”

Currently the company employs 45 people in total and records a turnover of nine million EUR with 5,000 registered users. “We are confident we will have a huge impact on the world market with our solutions and are willing to team up with an investor to achieve that aim,” Mr. Vauquelin concludes.

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