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Making business a pleasure in Normandy


300 days a year, C.I.D plays host to 150 larger and smaller events of all kinds, one of the most famous of which is the annual Deauvillle American Film Festival, held each year in September.

“We have also hosted the G3, G8 and G25 summits here,” says General Manager Jacques Belin. Other regular events include the International Women’s Forum, featuring the most important women in economy, and the La Fédération Nationale des Cinémas Français (FNCF) conference.

The conference center boasts two auditoriums seating nearly 1,500 and more than 200 visitors, four halls totalling 7,000 m2, 2,500 m2 of terraces, 22 breakout rooms and the Villa Circle for outdoor events. Two of the facility’s three floors are under ground.

“Our rooms all have excellent acoustics, and the surrounding area is exquisite,” Mr. Belin says. “There are hotels, restaurants and bars of all categories, and everything can be reached on foot.”

Nearby attractions include the beach, horse races and Paris, with a fantastic connection by car or by rail. “Outstanding infrastructure allows visitors coming from or through Paris to reach Deauville without any problems,” Mr. Belin notes. As the summer is tourist season in Deauville, C.I.D’s peak activity time is between September and January.

 “We have 64 different audio sources. To compare, regular stereo systems have two, and a surround sound audio system might have 16. The larger of our auditoriums has this technology, and it is the only auditorium of its kind.”

Deauville has long been a vacation hotspot for France’s upper class, but C.I.D was opened in 1992 to take advantage of the local economy also in the off-season. The conference center belongs to the city of Deauville (56%) and private investors (44%).

The operating company’s regular staff of 35 grows to encompass up to 400 employees depending on the event. Companies, institutions, organizations and other groups make use of the beachfront venue, and 40% of participants today are from outside of France. For the future, C.I.D plans to make use of its sales team to visit both existing and potential customers.

“We intend to remain an attractive location for conferences and events,” Mr. Belin says. “We would love to acquire new customers, but we will also stay true to our repeat events.”

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