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Above and beyond distribution

Lemar B.V.

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Managing Director André Hendriks has been with Lemar BV for six months, and is beginning to implement his vision for building on the success of the last 20 years. “The portfolio of brands that we have introduced to the Netherlands has taken off,” begins the director of the company whose partner brands include Eat Natural, Ana Luz and Grenade. “The key challenge of this role was ensuring we introduce all our brands with great focus and emphasizing where we add value to our customers.”

For Mr. Hendriks, this has been a satisfying move. It is not surprising; after all, he is working with a team that was awarded, by Dutch retailers, the ‘golden partner award’ in 2017 and 2019. “As a team of thirteen at Lemar, we distilled our vision into two key aspects: firstly, knowing our market inside out and helping our clients adapt through product development, and secondly key in this business knowing that customers value a one-stop-shop. By that I mean, being their exclusive commercial partner for the Netherlands and taking full responsibility for marketing, sales and logistics as a point of contact in what might be an unfamiliar market for them,” he says.

The director first turns to product development: “For example, we helped to prepare a range of breakfast cereals here in the Netherlands that would work for marketing the brand ‘Eat Natural’. As one team we developed a greattasting range of breakfast cereals, and it helped them maximize their contact with Dutch customers, who love breakfast. The second of these steps is implementing great commercial services to increase sales for our customers in retail and out-of-Home. As a full service distributor, Lemar takes care of brand activation, account management, customer service and logistics. We aim to make it easy to sell healthy, out-of-home snacks in the Netherlands so that customers continue to see us as their go-to partner.”

For Mr. Hendriks, this is summed up in a single keyword: relevance. “Our aim with everything we do now is relevance. Whether it is product development, brand activation or logistics, we want each one of our brands to be the most relevant brands on the Dutch market,” he sums up.

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