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Making a dream a reality


LEMI was founded in 1989. The founders Emilio Brusaferri and Silvio Genelli wanted to create a company to export products that showcased Italian quality, innovation and design all over the world.

The first product the two chose to accomplish this dream was an electrical couch-bed known as the Lemi4. This piece allowed the user to work while standing, which was very innovative at the time. The couch-bed was so well received by medical and beauty professionals, that the company expanded its product range and started actively exporting across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and the United States.

Today, LEMI sells multiple types of furniture and accessories from many different designer lines to be used in spas and medical offices. “The business has also stayed true to its initial goal of keeping its products made in Italy,” notes Matteo Brusaferri, Key Account Manager.

Since the products are of such a high quality, the firm places a guarantee of ten years on its couch-beds, one of the longest in the industry. However, clients of LEMI flock to the company not just for the high quality of its goods, but also for the sheer range of products the company offers.

The Beauty and Spa category has eight distinct lines for the customer to choose from. Each line has unique designs, colour options and uses. The best-selling lines within this category are the Evo and Classic lines, respectively.

The Podiatry line features nine unique chairs for patient comfort and six different types of stools for the medical or beauty professional. The Medical category has an astounding assortment of 23 couch-beds, many of them specialized for a variety of medical fields such as gynaecology, dentistry, dermatology and several others.

“This line also featured the first bed to be used specifically for hair transplant,” adds Mr. Brusaferri. Each category gives clients the option to purchase other furniture accessories such as carts and lamps. Consumers can customize their pieces as well, especially those within the Medical range.

Customization options include choosing the type of mattress, adding lights for colour therapy, having a sound system built in and many more. Due to the high quality, long guarantee, multitude of choices and available customizations, it is easy to see why LEMI has a large and varied clientele.

The typical customer base includes international distributors for spas, hotels and medical groups. However, the business remains incredibly popular in its domestic market as well. To reach new customers and touch base with its existing clientele, the firm is very active on the expo circuit, attending fairs held around the world. “In addition to expos, we also keep our website very up-to-date and maintain a steady social media presence,” says Mr. Brusaferri.

Future plans for this already ambitious and innovative company include enlarging its share of the American market, entering the Brazilian market and continuing to focus on research and development. The business will keep giving the customers exactly what they want: quality Italian-made products.

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