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A paint solution for every need


In terms of industrial and protective paints, Libert Paints goes a step further than DTM (Direct-to-Metal) paints with its DTS (Direct-to-Substrate) options. “Our DTS paints help to reduce our clients’ operational costs, because they reduce the number of paints needed in production processes and limit VOC emissions,” explains Paul Boels, Managing Director.

The DTS paints also adhere to a variety of surfaces, such as stainless and galvanized steel, plastics, glass and ceramics. The firm also has the right floor coating products for production areas, warehouses, stores and showrooms.

To withstand the traffic that crosses floors daily, Libert Paints has developed unique industrial floor paints that can withstand scratches, fire, impact forces and more. If painting the inside or outside of a building is the goal, the business offers paints that help against mold, moss, cracks and air pollution.

“We have products for every project, including exterior and interior walls, wood, metal and roof paints,” says Mr. Boels. The company also offers a host of thinners and other complementary products, which help make it a one stop shop. As with all categories, Libert Paints gives customers a multitude of colour and texture choices, so each project can be as personalized as the client wishes.

Finally, a specialist area served by the firm is the hygiene sector. Food processing companies, pharmaceutical plants, hospitals and clients with swimming pools all do business with the paint expert. In order to conform with various legal specifications for each industry, Libert Paints has developed a range of special hygiene coatings called Saniguard.

“Our antibacterial coatings are not only easy to apply and maintain, they have also been tested by several labs, from which we obtained certificates which allow our paint to be used in areas that must be kept permanently clean,” adds Mr. Boels.

To continue offering its customer base exceptional products, the company puts a heavy amount of focus into R & D. The business is always looking for ways to improve its products environmentally, while not compromising on quality and longevity.

Currently, special attention is being paid to the antibacterial and anti-corrosive product ranges offered by the firm. Other than working on product improvements, Libert Paints is also focused on growth.

“We finished building our new factory in 2016 and that upped our production capacity from a maximum of 3,000 to 5,000 t in a single shift and 10,000 t in a double shift,” states Mr. Boels.

The company already exports 45% outside of the Benelux region and is active in 40 countries. It plans to increase its export percentage, concentrating on specific markets, and give even more support to its network of distributors.

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