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Great potential


Liège Container Terminal has existed in its current state since 2010. “Prior to that, it was known by the name Eucotrans and Renory,” explains Tom Paeshuys, CEO of Liège Container Terminal. “Since its restructuring, comprehensive revitalizing actions have taken place.”

With annual revenues of seven million EUR and 40 employees, the company is on the upswing. “At the present time, we maintain two platforms, each with 30,000 containers, for railway and inland waterway transportation,” states the CEO. “Via the river Maas, nine weekly connections to Antwerp, Rotterdam and Zeebrugge are possible. Our railway destinations are mostly located in Italy. Still, we have potential for up to 150,000 containers on our site.”

Most of the terminal’s processed materials are iron, cement, building materials, industrial rocks and minerals. “Apart from loading and unloading, we can also handle all necessary customs formalities,” says Mr. Paeshuys. “These services reduce costs since cooperating companies are not forced to realize them in Antwerp. Therefore, we serve as an attractive partner for many industrial sectors.”

In the future, the terminal aims to extend its activities. “With our skilled and multilingual employees, efficient processes and Liège’s good location, we are on the right track,” explains the CEO. “In the terminal’s nearby area, there are still many opportunities for companies to invest and settle down. With these promising conditions, we have the potential to become as renowned as the port of Duisburg.

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