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Independent power


Electricity makes modern life and all its comforts possible. It is also what powers the wheels of industry and commerce to keep turning. It is clean and reliable at the point of use and can also be transported easily. Its only drawback is that it is difficult and expensive to store.

Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH is now applying its considerable expertise and experience in electricity generation to solving this precise problem. “This is an ongoing project for us that we are tackling on a regional basis,” explains Managing Director Rainer van der Beek. “One of our sister companies just brought the world’s largest battery storage facility on line in Dubai. It is part of a two-year research project into improving the viability of battery storage of large amounts of electrical power. The potential benefits are huge.”

In the meantime, the company will continue to do what it does best; which is to produce custom-built power generators using both conventional and sustainable fuels. Founded in 1948, it celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. It was founded by Karl Lindenberg, an engineer specialising in the design of large, water-cooled diesel engines.

“We have been producing marine gen-sets since the 1970s and established our reputation in this field with our own in-house designed generators,” says Mr. van der Beek. “We are now recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of marine aggregates worldwide not just for the quality and efficiency of our generators but also our ability to deliver on time and on budget.”

It is not just at sea that there is a need for an independent source of electrical power. Lindenberg’s emergency generators provide back-up power in the event of outages. “In key industries, it is better to rely on self-generation in case of emergencies,” says Mr. van der Beek. “This is also the case in many emerging countries where electricity supplies are far from reliable. For these markets, we design and manufacture turnkey power plants and have completed many successful projects in the Middle East, Asia and South America.”

Increasingly, the power plants supplied by Lindenberg-Anlagen are fired with sustainable fuels, reflecting wider environmental concerns and political will to move away from unsustainable fossil fuels. “We are currently working on a new biomass power plant in Scotland that will be brought on line this summer,” adds Mr. van der Beek. “The project will serve as a basetype for other plants in the future.”

What sets Lindenberg-Anlagen apart is the turnkey nature of its work. Whether constructing a power plant, marine generating set, diesel generating set, gas generating set, wood or coal gasification plant, CHP plant, compressor drive or steel container, everything is designed and produced to order.

“We do not work to a catalogue of standard products,” confirms Mr. van der Beek. “We are providers of tailored solutions. We take the needs of the client and turn them into individual solutions. In fact, the more specialized and complex the problem, the better it is for us. We can solve problems that no one else can. That is how we stand out from the market.”

Lindenberg-Anlagen’s clients are shipbuilders and shipyards on the one hand and industrial or institutional clients on the other. “We serve a very diversified client base,” says Mr. van der Beek. “Electrical power is a universal need that cannot always be met sufficiently by the national power network. More than 85% of our plants are destined for export to countries around the world. From single gen-sets to complete power plants, we are seen as a reliable partner for all power needs.”

Despite the effort and resources being put into alternative power generation, there will still be significant demand for Lindenberg-Anlagen’s generators both in the short and long term. “Nevertheless, we will continue to work on our battery projects and maybe one day we might have solutions ready to go if batteries substitute gensets,” says Mr. van der Beek. “Although such a development would mean a revolution in our industry, Lindenberg-Anlagen has never shied away from going in the direction that new technology and environmental concerns dictate.”

Thanks to its position as one of the leaders in the industry. Lindenberg-Anlagen is confident of continued steady growth in the future, whichever direction the market takes.

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