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The last mile makes the difference


Founded in 2006 by CEO Alexandre Guesdon, LM2S initially focused on two services, which today still form a large proportion of the company’s operations. Pick up and drop off (PUDO®) provides an access point for spare parts to firms which offer B2B services.

“Companies which repair cash tills, for example, need spare parts quickly to enable those tills to be repaired fast and put back into service,” explains European Projects Director Stephane Roy. “They are able to pick up new parts from one of our 166 PUDO® points across France, leaving the defective parts, which we ship back to the warehouse. This service is mainly for maintenance companies who need spare parts urgently.”

The second  service, FSL, is also related to spare parts. Instead of clients having to wait for parts to be sent from a central warehouse, LM2S holds local stocks of supplies in locations around France. This enables the firm to deliver parts to any location in France within two hours.

PUDO® and FSL are complemented by two further services. PFP is a proximity platform service. “We have 192 proximity platforms, which provide well-known companies with local storage facilities for their goods,” Mr. Roy says. “The fourth pillar of our service portfolio is the technical courier service. This is a swap service, which also serves B2B operations. If, for instance, a telephone in a bank is not working, we go to the bank and simply switch the phone for a new one. Of course, we also do carrier and transport work. Last year, we took over a company which had the facilities to enable us to deliver spare parts to every one of our PUDO® points prior to 8:00 a.m. We call this the LM network, and it was the missing link that has now enabled us to cover the whole value chain in last mile logistics.”

Nevertheless, LM2S is looking to expand its service still further. With the LM network transport hub and the storage facilities now on the same site, the company will be able to undertake picks in the central warehouse stock until 9:00 p.m. and supply clients before 8:00 a.m. the next day. “We are the only company in France that can do this,” stresses Mr. Roy.

Rollout of the service is planned for 2018. Many of LM2S’s clients are in the IT industry, but the company also serves customers in other sectors where after-sales service is provided. Although LM2S currently operates exclusively in France, many of its clients are international. Especially the latter companies are important to LM2S’s plans for expansion within Europe.

“Our goal is to expand first of all into countries which are close to France and also into Southern Europe,” reveals Mr. Roy. “This is my challenge for 2018. We are part of ESLA, the European Service Logistic Association partner network. Spain, Portugal and Italy are particularly interesting for us. We will focus on countries where we do not interfere with our ESLA partners.”

In addition, LM2S is also considering a new service in which it would finance the spare parts stock of its clients. The target launch date is 2019. “We are the only company that can provide PUDO® services at so many B2B points in France,” Mr. Roy sums up. “We are providing an edge to a market where service expectations in terms of flexibility and speed are increasing. I am convinced we will continue to grow.”

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