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Where money grows on trees


The forestry industry plays a critical, early role in a wide array of construction processes. The timber from felled trees has a multitude of purposes, including building construction, flooring, and ship construction, just to name a few.

Swedish company Log Max AB understands how important it is for those in the forestry industry to work with technologically advanced, efficient, safe products and, for more than 30 years, has been delivering exactly that. Lars Strömsund, Log Max’s export manager, has been with the company for nearly half of its existence.

“Four smart, hard-working friends founded the company and invested their money in this project. They struggled during the first ten years, but then saw a lot of growth over the next ten years,” Mr. Strömsund explains.

In 1987, Log Max received its first patent for its single grip harvester, which would become the company’s staple product. Later, incorporation of Caterpillar Compact Track Loaders provided Log Max with important international exposure and, following a buyout by Japanese corporation Komatsu, Log Max was fast-tracked into the global arena.

Today, Log Max products can be found everywhere in the world in a variety of markets, and Mr. Strömsund remains focused on the company’s philosophy even though the company has come far since its inception.

“Our goal is to be the most important business partner for the end customers in the forestry industry. It is not only about selling good products, but also training our end customers to be highly profitable, helping them grow and supporting them in their business,” the Export Manager underlines.

Well established in the European market, Log Max also maintains a presence in South America, Africa, Australia, and Asia, so it’s no wonder that exports account for 75% of company sales. Log Max sells around 500 timber harvesting heads each year, including its bestseller, the Log Max 6000.

“It is a highly reliable timber harvesting head that works without fail. Log Max even offers a lifetime warranty for all hoses on head in Nordic countries, which is something that no other competitors offer,” Mr. Strömsund points out. Another star product is the Log Mate, which is a tablet-like device used for monitoring and reporting data, for example, maps and price lists. Such innovations are why customers continue to choose Log Max.

“We are one of the best. The degree of quality and reliability of our products is extremely high. We are also very strong when it comes to our dealers. Right now, we have about 35 that we work with, and I train them to understand the market. Our name has a lot of value, and everybody in the forestry industry knows Log Max,” says Mr. Strömsund.

The Swedish firm is determined to stay ahead of the competition in years to come and is doing so through constant fine-tuning of its products. “We have a worldwide patent called Active Friction Control. We’ve had it for almost 30 years now and renew it every ten years. It controls the amount of friction between the knife and the tree and also keeps fuel consumption down. It’s the brain in our products and controls everything,” Mr. Strömsund highlights. “We have five years left until the next patent. We have to develop it every ten years, so we’re always looking for ways to enhance this feature,” Mr. Strömsund adds. “We have seen steady growth for a while now and want to increase by 5% every year until we are the most important manufacturer of timber harvesting heads in the industry. We have to be perfect every day and every time,” stresses Mr. Strömsund.

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