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Unique solutions for each customer


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LORD offers solutions for the chemical, mechanical and electromechanical sectors. “Our product portfolio has a very unique diversity of offerings, which offers many advantages,” explains LORD’s Vice President, EMEA, Vincent Javerzac, who is responsible for LORD’s presence in the EMEA region and the market it serves. “We have a strong presence in numerous industries, and are therefore positioned to transfer our insights from one industry to another. We work with many engineers who have different backgrounds and who share their results with each other. As a result, we can leverage this internal capacity to anticipate customers’ problems and provide innovative solutions. This transfer of skills is quite unique. Nevertheless, for each of the industries we serve, we offer specific products and solutions. Our diversity not only applies to the range of industries we are involved with, but it extends to our product portfolio.”

Around the world, LORD Corporation provides innovative solutions to the aerospace and defence, automotive, building and construction, electronics, oil and gas, transportation and industrial equipment industries. In Europe, aerospace and the automotive sector form the core markets.

“Our products are used by every car manufacturer in the region,” says Mr. Javerzac proudly. “In the aerospace sector, we recently secured the largest contract in our company’s history – a new contract with Boeing. LORD’s French production facility in Pont de l’Isère, in partnership with our plant in Pennsylvania, USA, is to develop and manufacture the auto throttle module for Boeing’s 737 MAX. Production will commence in 2020.”

LORD provides specific, customized solutions for its customers, which add value in the form of an increase in production or an improvement in the look, feel and performance of the customers’ products. LORD’s product range is as diverse as the sectors it serves, and includes adhesives, coatings, sensing systems, specialty chemicals, active vibration control systems, and vibration and motion control systems, which are sold under a wide range of different brands.

Vincent Javerzac, Vice President at LORD
We have a strong presence in numerous different industries, and are therefore in a position to transfer our insights from one industry to another. Vincent JaverzacVice President, EMEA

“When we are developing products for our customers, it is not the volume that is the focus, but finding the most effective solution,” says Marketing Communication Specialist Anaelle Vaurs-Colnot. “Over the past few years, we have grown significantly in the area of electric cars. Our broad expertise has enabled us to develop a range of specific solutions, which include various adhesives, sensors, and products in the area of thermal management, used to spread and manage the heat generated by the battery. Today, we are the market leader in this product group. It is a very new market, which is growing fast and has enormous potential, and one in which we are planning heavy investment.”

Besides its diversity, a number of other factors have helped the company to become a very prominent player in the market. “We have a completely different set-up from our competitors,” Mr. Javerzac points out. “We invest very heavily in research and development – between 8 and 10% of our revenues. Innovative solutions and close partnerships with our customers are our trademark.”

LORD is also extremely active in developing its employees, and this, combined with a corporate culture that embraces the core beliefs of employee dignity, safety and wellbeing, continuous innovation, and integrity and ethical behaviour, fosters a strong sense of loyalty to the organization. The company is continually seeking talent, and partnerships with schools and universities to recruit and create an interest in the company among young, potential employees.

LORD Corporation was founded in 1924 in the U.S. by a patent lawyer. Its first customer was General Electric, for which LORD developed a mechanical shock absorber. Later expanding into chemicals, the manufacturer began developing adhesives; one of the first was an adhesive for attaching rubber to metal, which is still in the product portfolio today.

LORD has grown exponentially, both through organic growth and acquisitions. With its global headquarters in North Carolina, USA, the company today has subsidiaries in 26 countries, production units in 19 countries, and ten research and development centers. In Europe, in addition to the management headquarters in Geneva, there are production and research and development facilities in France and Germany, and a further production unit in Italy.

In total, LORD has a presence in twelve European countries. The electric vehicle market is not the only industry which is booming. Mr. Javerzac sees the worldwide economic situation as very positive.

“Of course, there are differences across different regions and segments, but in general the outlook seems positive.” Mr. Javerzac joined LORD five years ago, having been attracted by the dynamic environment and the close cooperation with customers. “LORD is an agile organization, and makes decisions and takes action very quickly. Relationships – both internal and with customers – are incredibly important to us, and bring tremendous results. I like the fact that this is a global organization, and that LORD is very ambitious in terms of its growth aspirations.”

Another priority for the company is corporate social responsibility. Last year, LORD employees spent more than 10,000 hours on community service activities. They are on track to exceed that number this year. “It is important for us to play an active role in our local and global communities,” notes Mr. Javerzac.

In the future, the European core markets of automotive and aerospace will remain in focus. LORD has recently opened a new center in France, where products for planes and helicopters will be developed. “This is an important step for us,” sums up Mr. Javerzac. “We also intend to further develop our presence in the electric vehicle sector. Our ultimate goal remains to work hand-in-hand with our customers to solve problems and develop custom solutions.”