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From standard to specialized


Ludwig Leuchten develops, produces and distributes lighting systems and solutions for all kinds of industrial, commercial and public applications. The company was founded by Alfred Ludwig in Bohemia in 1913. In 1949, it was re-established by Alfred and Erich Ludwig, the sons of the founder, in Mering close to Augsburg.

In 1993, Ludwig Leuchten opened a second manufacturing plant in Bergen, Saxony. “At our main production facility in Mering, we design and fabricate all customerspecific lighting solutions and lighting systems for large projects,” explains Managing Partner Florian Möckel. “Bergen manufactures all standard products and large-series lighting systems with a high degree of automation. This is why we are the only manufacturer of lighting systems whose products are 100% made in Germany.”

Ludwig Leuchten has 200 employees, including 70 in Bergen, and turns over 20 million EUR. Ludwig Leuchten offers a broad range of energy-efficient lighting solutions, from recessed, surface-mounted and suspended luminaires to floor lamps, recessed ceiling luminaires, spotlights, damp-proof luminaires and batten light fittings through to high-speed assembly systems and lighting systems with higher protection classes.

The company has a strong focus on the design of customer-specific lighting solutions and has worked for Adidas in Herzogenaurach, BMW in Munich and further carmakers around the world. Other customers include airports, research institutions, universities, event halls, museums, hospitals, schools, sports facilities, banks, supermarkets and office buildings.

The company’s solutions combine the latest, energy-efficient lighting technology with state-of-the-art design. Its share of LED lighting systems is over 50% and continuing to grow dramatically. Given that a new generation of LED technology is introduced every three to six months, Ludwig Leuchten is operating in a highly dynamic, competitive market.

“We are very innovative and have excellent development capabilities,” states Mr. Möckel. “This enables us to not only go with the flow but drive the market ourselves and shape its direction.”

Another competitive advantage of the flexible family enterprise is its comprehensive product portfolio, spanning everything from mass-produced standard lamps to individually customized lighting systems for specific applications. Ludwig Leuchten distributes its lighting solutions worldwide. “We are determined to further develop our international position, particularly in Europe and also in non-European markets,” says Mr. Möckel.

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