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Pure creativity.


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“I was in the right place at the right time.” Mr. Rosinski reminisces about his first big break many years ago when he worked on a launch campaign for Microsoft Windows. His career blossomed, becoming one of the founders of Rempen & Partner GmbH, and then spending a further eleven years at Jung von Matt GmbH. It is here he got to know his colleagues, Bernhard Lukas and Arno Lindemann.

“We wanted to continue what we had learned, but in a more agile environment,” says Mr. Rosinski. LLR was born. “We had evolved as a unit over eleven years and were able to take on big brands right from the get-go.” LLR now comprises a young, vibrant and dynamic team of 35 artists, consultants and creative minds. A quick look at the website shows a versatile and colourful portfolio boasting international campaigns for Mercedes-Benz and Eurowings, as well as commercials for Johnnie Walker, Subway, Campari, Frangelico and Vodafone.

“We focus on our core values,” states Mr. Rosinski. “The landscape has changed with the explosion of social media and some agencies have lost sight of the big picture. We don’t let ourselves get bogged down by all the technological possibilities.” LLR’s team works closely with clients to conceptualize, storyboard and implement strategies, then shoots the content with film and photography partners. The outcomes are emotionally charged stories portraying real people through beautifully cinematic, high quality productions. Approaching each client’s campaign differently, the agency is constantly receiving new inquiries and doesn’t need to specialize in any sector.

Bent Rosinski
We radically focus on creativity. We are a creative consultancy, a creative boutique. Bent RosinskiCEO at Lukas Lindemann Rosinski GmbH

Although the industry is changing due to the evolution of technology, LLR is committed to preserving the company’s vision. “Artificial intelligence will increasingly influence our industry, but there will always be a huge market for pure creativity; it’s one thing that automation will never kill,” asserts Mr. Rosinski.

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