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The future is digital, of that there is no doubt. In fact, digitalization is affecting more and more areas of everyday life as the word ‘smart’ is linked with an ever-growing array of technologies. At the vanguard of these technological advances is Lutech S.p.A. The Italian company designs, implements and manages innovative solutions supporting the digital transformation and offering new business solutions for its clients.

“Lutech intervenes in this process at three key stages: engineering, solutions and services,” says CEO Tullio Pirovano. “We act as a technology innovator and partner to customers from various industries. For us, innovation is the lighthouse that beckons us safely into the future.”

For Mr. Pirovano, digitalization means delving into the logic of digital transformation and taking processes apart so that clients can do more with less. “It means being more efficient and reducing internal costs for different things involved in achieving greater efficiency,” explains the CEO. “It also means selling more and having a better relationship with clients. In the B2B sector, they can only grow if they are capable of maintaining an efficient relationship with their clients and also attract new customers. We are masters in proposing new methodologies that make use of digital technologies to simplify internal processes and increase efficiency in dealings with end consumers.”

In the first step of this process, Lutech offers engineering consultancy to define process organization and design technological architectures that will promote the client’s corporate strategy. “Laying the correct groundwork is vital to the future success of any digital strategy,” insists Mr. Pirovano. “Digital transformation is such a powerful buzzword that it can become a box-ticking exercise without real benefits if it is not done properly. It is not a case of simply being seen to be engaging with new technology but actually reaping the rewards it offers.”

This can really be seen in the solutions that arise out of the consultancy phase. “We have a major advantage in the fact that we can act as the interlocutor for end-to-end clients,” says Mr. Pirovano. “We work as a typical engineering company, supplying the base upon which the client is able to build the IT part of the solution. We design and implement application solutions and technologies in partnership with the leading international operators in the ICT sector, thus providing an end-to-end solution.”

Lutech’s expertise extends across many core activities, making use of technologies that the Internet has made all-pervasive over the past decade to ring significant changes in the way these areas operate. “A good example can be seen in our CRM and call center solutions,” says Mr. Pirovano. “Instead of these activities representing a cost center for the company, they can be seen as an opportunity for the direct or indirect generation of new profits. We make it possible to implement a business strategy that applies new processes and technologies to all communication channels to manage client contacts more effectively and efficiently. This applies to traditional channels such as telephone, fax and email as well as newer and less formal routes via SMS, communication apps, chats and social media.”