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High-Speed Wireless services for the Belgian market


“We make a triangle of the right technology, the right solution and the right personal touch,” Chief Technical Officer Bart Baestroey describes MAC Telecom’s mission. “Customers are people, and we have a personal approach to doing business.”

The company believes in personalized offers, tailored to the client’s needs, and is the only operator of its kind to offer fiber-speed wireless connections and own the rights to deploy licensed radio links in point-to-point and multipoint solutions.

MAC Telecom offers technical and commercial solutions with unbeatable time to market based on wireless technology. The company’s services include Wireless LAN, leased line or professional wireless for businesses, as well as business access, telephony, infrastructure and housing solutions.

The company believes in getting to know its customers, their business needs based on easy and reliable accessibility, quality support and flexible products. “Our friendly service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” the CTO says. “We offer the fastest installation and delivery times in the industry, and provide reliability and security that surpass the market standard.”

The original MAC was founded in 2002 with a focus on using its own network to offer voice and data services, as well as B2B wireless access for large corporations. With 40 employees, the company has annual turnover of three million EUR.

A hot topic in the future will be the importance of safety. In addition, due to Brussels’s location in the center of Europe, the EU and NATO territory, reliable wireless solutions will continue to remain in focus. “We have our own engineers, who are the best in the industry,” says Mr. Baestroey. “They have unique experience in radio and IP networks, and the final outcome is 100% customer satisfaction.”

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