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A matter of the heart


Magdalena was established in 1996 and began serving cardiology patients in 1997. Since then, it has added surgery to its offer and became a teaching hospital in 2003. A part of the Croatian healthcare system, the clinic focuses on cardiological and vascular diseases with diagnostics and surgery, covering everything except transplants. Director Mihajlo Šesto is himself a cardiologist and internist, having studied in Croatia and Germany, and he has been head of the clinic for the past seven years. He joined the clinic’s team 18 years ago.

“We have a wonderful image thanks to our great results,” he says. “Our doctors are renowned throughout the country.” Patients from all over Croatia are treated at the clinic, as are patients from England, Russia, Kosovo and Montenegro. “We would like to become ever better known internationally,” Dr. Šesto adds. “We’re growing. We already have a waiting list of over one year for non-emergency cases, and during the waiting period, we keep a close eye on the patients.”

The clinic encompasses an area of 5,500 m2 with 100 beds, two operating rooms, two catheter labs and an intensive care unit with an additional 14 beds. Patients stay in one or two-bed rooms with modern amenities for the most up-to-date and comfortable care. The clinic treats 6,000 inpatients a year, and its two affiliated polyclinics in Zagreb see another 12,000 patients annually.

Magdalena is just 46 km from the Croatian capital with easy access via the highway, and it cooperates with the rehab clinic located next door. “We offer care of the highest quality without the high prices of countries like Austria and Germany,” the Director mentions another benefit of the clinic. “We are also certified according to a number of standards, such as ISO and Accreditation Canada International, platinum level, which affirms our claim.”

The clinic is in the hands of six owners and turns over 15 million EUR a year. Its staff numbers 220 people, 26 of them being doctors. The excellent teamwork between the doctors and the rest of the personnel creates a positive atmosphere where each member of staff unfolds his potential, resulting in the conception of new ideas for truly modern medicine. “Everybody works together closely: internists, cardiologists, anesthetists and vascular surgeons,” Dr. Šesto explains. “We all want to find the best solution for the patient.”

This cooperative atmosphere transfers to the doctor-patient relationship, as well. Word of the pleasant environment at Magdalena has spread to the extent that the clinic has to grow, which it will do in both size and scope. “We are planning a few joint projects with European funds,” Dr. Šesto says. “For instance, we’ve developed a telemedical call center that operates 24 hours a day. Data from heart scans and other tests can be transmitted in real time from patients to the doctors. This kind of service is especially important in more rural areas.” Magdalena also aims to introduce new, state-of-the-art technologies to ist treatments to remain at the top of its game in cardiology.

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