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High performers in compact shape


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MAGNETEC is a medium-sized enterprise specialized in magnetic engineering and power electronics. Based in Langenselbold in Hesse, Germany, the company develops and manufactures high-permeability tape wound ring cores for industrial, automotive, energy and safety applications.

The product range comprises a wide selection of standard cores as well as custom-engineered solutions for special applications. MAGNETEC cores are used in frequency converters, switching power supply units, air conditioning systems and a broad range of industrial manufacturing equipment.

In the automotive industry, they safeguard the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the vehicles’ electrical system and are part of residual current devices for personal safety in stationary and mobile charging devices for electric cars. The company’s cores also support the transformation of the energy system as integral components in wind turbine generators, photovoltaic plants and electronic energy meters.

The fourth major market segment served by MAGNETEC is safety where the company’s cores are built into all kinds of residual current devices to ensure personal safety. All MAGNETEC cores are made from NANOPERM, a special nanocrystalline, soft magnetic, iron-based alloy that offers several benefits.

“The material ideally combines high permeability and low losses at high frequencies,” explains Dr. Martin Ferch, Director of Business Development. “These characteristics make it suitable for many applications.”

Established in 1984, MAGNETEC is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. “We started with cores for ground fault circuit breakers, a very common product found in every household,” states Dr. Ferch. “Today, we have 50% of the European market in this segment.”

Renewable energies, e-mobility, the smart grid – that is our common theme. Dr. Martin FerchDirector of Business Development

MAGNETEC employs 700 people and generates revenues of 40 million EUR. “The goal is to double our sales within the next five years,” says Dr. Ferch. Owned by the second generation of three families, the company has a long-term orientation and focuses on achieving healthy, sustainable growth. In addition to the headquarter in Langenselbold, MAGNETEC has manufacturing plants in Hungary and China and sales representatives in Denmark, Finland, China, India and the USA.

“We want to be the world leading provider of value adding solutions in the field of soft magnetic products,” Dr. Ferch describes the vision of the magnetic engineering specialist. In particular, MAGNETEC aims to achieve its vision in rapidly growing markets such as renewable energies, e-mobility and the development of the smart grid.

“The special characteristics of our products, their nanocrystalline structure, their compact design, light weight and superior energy efficiency, make them ideal for e-mobility applications,” states Dr. Ferch who was one of the first Tesla drivers in Germany and Europe. “Four years ago, we helped Tesla solve a specific technical problem. Since then, we have been supplying the electric vehicle pioneer. Not a bad achievement for a medium-sized enterprise. We are now an automotive supplier and see great potential in this market because we offer very short times to market, from designing a new core to making it ready for serial production. In an almost disruptive market like e-mobility where everything changes so quickly, this is a major competitive advantage.”

Another differentiating characteristic of MAGNETEC is that the great majority of the company’s cores are individually tailored products. “We are a problem solver and solution provider,” Dr. Ferch describes how he sees the company. The strengths of MAGNETEC are probably best summarized in the company’s slogan ‘Small size – big performance’. “We are hidden champions,” says Dr. Ferch. “You cannot see our components. But you can see when they are not there because something critical is missing then.”

Operating in a niche market with very specific requirements, MAGNETEC is one of the technology leaders in this segment worldwide. “In many cases, we define new market trends and are the first to develop solutions for new applications,” explains Dr. Ferch. “We are constantly questioning ourselves and looking where we can shape new developments in magnetic engineering and power electronics,” adds CEO Marc Nicolaudius.

While being in a niche industry, MAGNETEC is increasingly expanding its presence in some of the most dynamically evolving markets in the context of the energy revolution, especially in the automotive sector. “We are an Aston Martin that is becoming more and more a Volkswagen,” Dr. Ferch makes an apt comparison.

“We are committed to actively contributing to the transformation of the energy system. Renewable energies, e-mobility, the smart grid – that is our common theme.” “It is all about sustainable market development, making an impact on technological progress in a sustainable, positive way,” concludes Mr. Nicolaudius.

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