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Come on! It is cashmere!


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Malo has long been connected to the finest cashmere knitwear. Founded in the 1970s, the company has always put a strong focus on high quality cashmere products. “Malo’s founders introduced the most stylish cashmere knitwear,” explains Managing Director Walter Maiocchi. “In the 1970s, cashmere jumpers used to be extremely popular classical garments. Still today, even 20-year-old cashmere jumpers are beautiful and elegant. Cashmere simply represents timeless elegance.”

The company is based in Campi Bisenzio and used to be owned by a Russian group before in October 2018, a new chapter began. “We acquired Malo when the company was in a crisis and initiated a profound restructuring process,” states Mr. Maiocchi. “We saw the company’s potential and when we got the opportunity to acquire Malo we did not hesitate and seized the moment.”

In a first step, new production processes were successfully introduced. “Malo is a production company and our aim has always been to produce high quality products,” points out Mr. Maioc chi. “Mechanical looms are still of great importance these days as we put a strong focus on traditional craftsmanship. Working with them takes time, but we know that it is worthwhile. It is a very gentle technique that enhances the quality of products.”

New processes were also introduced in the company’s administration and marketing divisions. “We are keen to participate in fairs such as the Pitti in Florence and already had a first show in Rome which was a huge success,” says Mr. Maiocchi. “Fashion shows will play a greater role in the future.”

Today, Malo has 130 employees, shops in Milan, Rome, Forte dei Marmi, Porto Rotondo, Porto Cervo, Marbella and Japan, showrooms in New York and Milan – perfect settings for events and press conferences. In its first year, it generated 15 million EUR with an export share of 40%.

Walter Maiocchi
Our cashmere products are well-made, not sophisticated or edgy, but timeless and elegant. Walter MaiocchiManaging Director

Besides Japan, Russia, Eastern Europe, Spain, Germany and Great Britain are important markets. “We are going to put a stronger focus on international markets in the future,” adds Mr. Maiocchi. “Malo used to have several shops in those countries that do not exist anymore. We hope to change this in the course of the next years.”

The cashmere products themselves are Malo’s key driving force. The company creates the total cashmere look but jumpers have always been core products. Two collections a year mirror the company’s cashmere competence and passion. Everything at Malo is made from cashmere – even bags and accessories.

“Products are our real asset,” underlines Mr. Maiocchi. “The quality and tenderness of cashmere make us stand out. Our knitwear is extremely well made, not really sophisticated or edgy, but timeless and elegant.” Malo’s products are sold in around 200 shops all around the world. End consumers are men and women looking for the certain something. “Our brand is synonymous with 100% made in Italy”, stresses Mr. Maiocchi. “Products are made with passion and intuition. Last but not least, it is the exceptional artisan focus that makes our products unique.”

Craftsmanship, modern technology and the most exclusive raw materials are critical ingredients to create timeless cashmere garments. Fibers are gathered by hand in Mongolia and imported directly to be spun and dyed in Malo’s factory.

“Our aim is to continue growing,” states Mr. Maiocchi. “But not at any price. Malo has come a long way to be recognized as an international reference company for cashmere knitwear. We do not want to double turnover but maintain the artisanal character of our products.”

To reach this goal, innovative ideas and qualified employees are critical – and they are not easy to find. “Italy is the country of fashion,” states Mr. Maiocchi. “It is not difficult to find employees but to find people who identify with our quality-driven philosophy and who are passionate about craftsmanship. Malo is a company with a strong spirit and positive energy. Together, we are able to create sustainable growth.”

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