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Italian experts in textiles and socks


The company’s product portfolio boasts a wide selection of stockings and socks for men, women and children, in classic and sports styles. The collection is completed by a range of underwear, beachwear, towelling products and accessories. Following a stringent quality strategy, all products are designed and produced in-house.

“Everything is 100% made in Italy,” confirms Company Founder, President and Managing Director Sergio Zaglio. “Our name is a quality promise. We also deliver excellent customer service. Our customers value our respectability and continuity.”

When Mr. Zaglio founded the company in 1981 together with his wife Anna Balestreri, he drew on many years of experience in the production of stockings.

To begin with, he used to produce sports socks for European clients. In the middle of the 1990s, the company started to focus on labels, selling Puma socks in Italy. In 2006, the dynamic entrepreneur acquired the European licence for the production and distribution of Fila socks.

Five years later, Man Socks purchased Think Pink, a renowned label which produced textiles and socks. In 2012, he integrated the textile and stocking brand Diadora into Man Socks.

“So far, we have been focusing on Europe,” says Mr. Zaglio. “Now, we aim to establish ourselves as a global player. Think Pink will be our gateway to the overseas market. We already operate Think Pink monobrand stores in Taiwan and Korea. Against the background of our expansion plans, we have just begun to reposition the brand. We are aiming at a total look.”

Man Socks is a global player and achieves around 60% of its annual turnover through export activities. The company mainly sells to clients in Europe, especially Germany, France, Spain and Switzerland.

Recently, the socks specialist joined forces with a sales partner in Canada. “We are also keeping an eye on China,” says Mr. Zaglio. “At present, we are negotiating with a local distribution partner to get a foothold in China, especially with Think Pink.”

Recognizing the growing importance of the e-commerce sector, Man Socks will also enhance its ecommerce activities in the coming years. “Here too, Think Pink will be our door opener,” says Marketing Manager Fabio Zaglio, representing the second family generation. “The internet is an ideal tool for entering new markets and identifying perspectives. Already, we sell to online customers in Australia, the Philippines and North America.”

Last but not least, Sergio Zaglio is a passionate inventor and holds several patents. One of his latest inventions is a unique washing machine which eliminates spots and stains, washes, dries and irons the washing within only two hours. For sure, there is much more to expect in the coming years from Mr. Zaglio.

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