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Getting machines into gear


With well-known expertise in cutting, grinding, machining and turning, Manoir Gears® offers a variety of transmission parts according to customers’ most stringent specifications.

“Our strength lies in the production of complex gear trains: pinions, spindles, hubs, ring gears from major equipment manufacturers using a highly automatized production facility with multiple robots,” says Design & Quality Manager Christophe Rochon. As an example, Caterpillar is one of Manoir Gears®’ largest customers, with a supply of CAT facilities worldwide with both finished and semifinished products, as Mr. Rochon highlights.

In the aerospace industry, Manoir Gears® supplies parts for Airbus Helicopters as well as maintenance products. “The grinding we do for the helicopter gear trains is extremely demanding,” the Quality Manager explains.

Manoir Gears® was founded by the Ribaut family in 1962. In 2014 it was acquired by Manoir Industries, a Paris-based group that belongs to the Chinese group Yantai Taihai. Manoir Gears®’ 37 employees generate sales of seven million EUR, about 70% of which comes from exports.

Experience and know-how also enables Manoir Gears® to simplify manufacturing processes, for example by anticipating any deformations that may occur during heat processing, resulting in less time spent finishing the parts later on. “We think ahead so we don’t have to refinish later,” Mr. Rochon says.

In the future, Manoir Gears® aims to offer even more complex parts and provide more added-value services, particularly for the aviation sector, a strategy that is backed up by recent investments in state-of-the-art gear cutting and cylindrical grinding equipment. “We can already develop and implement CAO concepts for Airbus in a matter of weeks,” the Quality Manager adds. With its eye on innovation and development based on over 50 years of expertise in gear cutting, the company foresees new projects.

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