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Put it on paper


Mare’s main focus is on functional products for the paper industry. The company takes full advantage of its fundamental experience to set the tone in an increasingly competitive market.

Over time, Mare has constantly broadened its product range, and today, the company is able to provide complete solutions for coating and wet end applications in paper. It also cooperates with the ceramics, textile, paint, detergent and cement industries.

Mare’s development is closely linked to the development of the paper industry and the growing need for saponified resin acids used in the treatment of paper to make it water-repellent. In the 1930s emulsions based on reinforced resin acids were introduced, and a new generation of synthetic sizing agents came up.

In reaction to these new market challenges, Mare SpA was founded in 1979. For more than 30 years, the company has seen constant growth – not only in terms of new product developments but also geographically. Mare SpA is part of the Mare Group and is located at its headquarters in Ossona.

Apart from Mare SpA, the group includes Mare Nordic AB in Sweden, Mare Austria GmbH, Mare Química S.L. in Spain, Mare Ltd. in Great Britain, Mare GmbH in Germany, Mare France Sarl and Mare Dynamics in Italy. Each Mare company is a specialist in the challenging needs of the papermaking process.

“The entire Mare Group shares not only a Commercial Manager but also one philosophy,” states Roberto Valeriani, Director of Mare Dynamics. “We see ourselves as solution providers when it comes to process and functional products mainly for the papermaking industry. We are able to identify problems and to work out chemical solutions that provide added value. We try to offer customers technical and cost-effective advantages to enhance their competitiveness.”

Mare Group relies on 100 qualified employees to achieve this goal. Functional products for the papermaking industry are the group’s core products. 20% of turnover comes from polyacrylate adhesives. Process products for the tissue market and water-resistant resins are other important products.

Mare Austria is a specialist for carboxymethylcellulose and contributes significantly to Mare’s international market success. “CMC – carboxymethylcellulose – is used as a dry-strength agent,” explains Mr. Valeriani. “It helps to improve bursting strength, tear strength and stiffness.”

80% of the company’s 130 million EUR turnover results from exports particularly to European countries. Mare has gained an excellent reputation in the world of paper chemicals. Trade shows such as the Tissue World in Milan or the Miac in Lucca are used as platforms to establish new customer contacts and to intensify existing ones.

“We seek to operate close to our customers,” stresses Mr. Valeriani. “Showing presence is more important than ever. We are competing with big international players, which is a major challenge. However, we offer complete solutions with added value, and this is what makes us stand out. We aim to expand further. We do not want to sell the same products in the same countries but want to continue diversifying our range. Every day, each client has a different problem regarding his papermaking process. We provide solutions that meet those individual needs.”

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