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Moving away from the magic pipes


On one Swedish ferry, two engineers consequently developed the first marine flocculation based treatment in 1991. These same engineers subsequently established Marinfloc to market the new emulsion breaking equipment in 1996.

At the same time, multimillion-dollar fines started to be issued to shipping companies for oil pollution in the US, and many started to upgrade their vessels with the Marinfloc equipment.

The Whitebox, a tamper proof system that controls and monitors the overboard discharge, was developed by Marinfloc as a response to the high fines and the demand to prove operational compliance to protect the crew and company from allegations.

Today Marinfloc serves the global shipping industry with a network of agents spread across the globe. “We have sold more than 800 treatment systems and about as many Whiteboxes,” explains Martin Gombrii, marketing and sales manager. “Our units discharge bilge water to drinking water quality.”

In early April the company was awarded the prestigious Seatrade Award for the Enviropilot, a GPS-based product fitted on the bridge that provides a live feed of the applicable environmental regulation at the vessels position.

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