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Trustworthy and competent


The enterprise was established by Mario Guerrucci in 1955. “In the beginning, the founder focused on maintenance work,” explains Francesca Guerrucci, managing director of Mario Guerrucci and in this position since 2011. “Due to new contacts with local harbour authorities and the ENEL, Italy’s largest electricity supplier, the company’s core competences gradually shifted. The founder had always had a visionary talent and recognized the potential in the field of industrial waste disposal early on.”

Therefore, in 1977, Mario Guerrucci opened its first garbage dump for the collection of waste generated by thermoelectric power plants. “When the ENEL began to fall back on coal-fired power stations, the rubbish tip was closed in 2008,” states the managing director. “Since 2013, we have had the necessary local certificates to open a landfill for the private sector.”

Already at this point, the company maintains one of Italy’s very few industrial hazardous waste deposits. “We are equipped with ISO 14001 certification and act according to eco-friendly issues,” says Ms. Guerrucci. “In this regard, we cooperate with Sapienza University in Rome, whose engineers developed a sustainable concept. At the moment, we are also considering offering our waste disposal services on foreign markets, depending on the demand abroad, possibilities of financing and co operation with the EU. Still, at 85% of our twelve million EUR turnover, our core competence is found in industrial maintenance and cleaning services. These solutions cannot be transferred to foreign markets. Due to high labour costs in Italy, we would not be competitive.”

We are open to foreign markets in Europe Francesca Guerrucci managing director of Mario Guerrucci

As a result of waste management’s bad reputation on the domestic market, Mario Guerrucci focuses on direct means of marketing. “We prefer direct customer contact,” explains the managing director. “In addition, we are highly selective when it comes to our suppliers. If we processed waste from dubious sources, we would risk our excellent market position.” Concerning the latter, the Italian enterprise is a leading provider in the Civitavecchia region.

“In our area, we are a reference company for industrial cleaning,” states Ms. Guerrucci. “We have always served local requirements. This fact also applies to our 150 employees. Most of them stay with us until they retire. Fluctuation is less than 1%.” In the future, Mario Guerrucci strives to expand its business even further. “We are open to foreign markets in Europe,” summarizes the managing director. “A required authorization of the Civitavecchia port is already on hand.”

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