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Consultancy is the future of insurance


“We are going to expand our risk management segment and enhance our specialty offers,” she says. “For smaller and medium-sized customers, we will offer more standardized services to help them cut costs. Our vision is to develop from a broker into a consultant and to concentrate on the assessment part of the business. We analyze all our clients carefully and take into consideration similar clients in the region and also worldwide. This enables us to cite similar cases. As a result, we have a huge database and are able to build our analyses on real data instead of theories. This is a major advantage for our clients. We can help them to better assess their risks. We also offer support when there is a real issue.”

Marsh draws on many years of experience in the business and is backed by its strong parent company – another important benefit for the clients. The company covers all fields of risk assessment for corporate such as insurance and reinsurance, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, construction risks and more.

“In fact, you can call us risk doctors,” says Ms. Kozakiewicz. “Some years ago, no one thought about risk management. The whole business was about insurance. However, the insurance business always follows changes in our society and economy. At present, cybercrime is a big issue. In this field, liabilities are growing by 7 to 10% every year. Since Poland joined the EU, environmental term coverage has become an important topic, too.”

Continuous improvement and ethical values are drivers of Marsh’s business. The company is known for its excellent service and its fair business conduct. “Consultancy is about trust and honesty and about personal relationships,” confirms Ms. Kozakiewicsz. “Our business is complicated and individual, and we offer tailor-made consultancy and solutions. You need to ensure a good reputation in order to stay successful in the long run. There is no better marketing than a happy client.”

In order to make its approach better known, Marsh Poland regularly participates in congresses, conferences and events such as the Power Conference or the Reinsurance Conference held by Guy Carpenter in Warsaw.

“We believe that consultancy is the future,” says Ms. Kozakiewicz. “Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations.”

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